Regional Museum in Chrudim

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The Museum originated in the 60’s of the 19th century when the Museum Society in Chrudim was founded (1865).

Significant part of the museum’s collection is a valuable library and also a set of arts and crafts artifacts, which have always been and still are preferences of acquisition activity of the Museum. The main professional activity of the Museum is focused on Chrudim region.

The collection fund is divided into six sub-collections: History, Fine Arts, Ethnography, Natural Sciences, Archeology and Library. Some of the unique parts of the collection should be mentioned - for example original litographic posters by Alfons Mucha from the turn of 19th and 20th century, historical and present folk toys of Chrudim region, a big collection of tobacco pipes from the Proseč vicinity, regional Christmas decorations, textile embroideries and a collection of ironwork from the 19th century.