Silesian Museum


Nádražní okruh 31, 746 01, Opava

+420 555 557 264

Silesian Museum is the imaginary gate to Silesia. Its interest extends from both animate or inanimate nature, through prehistory, history to art history, above all in the region of Czech Silesia, northern and northeastern Moravia. Museum is the oldest public museum in the Czech Republic, its foundation goes back to the year 1814. Museum holds about 2 400 000 artifacts and it is the third largest collection in the Czech Republic. Nowadays Museum administrates six buildings and areas: besides Historical exposition building in the centre of Opava there are Arboretum Nový Dvůr in Stěbořice, The World War II Memorial in Hrabyně, The Petr Bezruč Memorial in Ostrožná street, Opava; than  The Hlučín-Darkovičky CS Fortification Complex and The Petr Bezruč Chalet. Silesian Museum presents about 30 exhibitions per year, special attention is paid to history and nature of Silesia and to the theme of World War II.