Regional Museum and Gallery in Jicin

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History of the Museum began already with establishment of Museal society of Jičín Region in 1863. Today Museum resides in Jičín castle and since 2002 it has presented to public inovated exposition of national history and geography combined with interactive way of visitation. From the ticket office come out four routes which you can go through and return. The first one shows historical development and nature of Jičín Region in eight halls. The second one goes up to unfinished church tower to noblemen oratory. The third one leads to arcade courtyard and hall for short-term exhibitions. The fourth one leads to three halls, from which the most interesting is the Conference lounge with exposition reminding negotiation of coalition against Napoleon in 1813. In 2011 the Gallery of baroque masters was opened. The most famous painting here is Annunciation by Karel Škréta. With its new conception of expositions the Museum won national competition of museums Gloria musaealis in 2013.