Ethnographic Museum in Slaný

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Museum in Slaný was founded in 1885. Foundations of its historical collection lays on artifacts from guild and church origin. Ethnographic collections such typical for museum activity were especially collected after Czechoslavic folklore exhibition in Prague 1895, where Slaný district had its own pavilion. It is still commemorated by the interior of the rural room in ethnographic part of exposition. This basic collection was further supplemented with gifts, purchases and field research. Fund was enriched with collections of vanished local museums in Koleč and Zloněves in 20´s and 30´s of the 20th century. Also pictorial collection was created at that time. In fact, Slaný Museum became regional historical-ethnographic museum, since it focuses on natural sciences´ collections in marginal way. Last years, this conception was supported by establishing specialized Ethnographic Museum of Slaný Region in Třebíz as a branch of Slaný Museum.