Municipal Museum in Zelezny Brod

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Museum in Železný Brod originated in the 2nd half of the 19th century. The aim of its founders was to preserve and protect heritage connected with history, culture and everyday life of the town. Function of the Museum does not differ from the past but it enlarged its activity to the whole region around Železný Brod. Museum is focused on documentation of history and present with emphasis on local specificity – glass production. Exposition of glass production is placed in the building of former municipal savings bank from 1936. It shows history of glass production in Železný Brod from half of the 19th century to present. There are displayed examples of home processing of glass material: production of pressed and rolled beads, edging and threading. Next part of the exposition shows the activity of glass school in Železný Brod which was established in 1920. Etnographic exposition of the Museum is placed in one of the biggest and the most beautiful houses representing rural architecture from the 19th century in Jizera region – Běliště (Whitening House).