Ethnographic Museum in Olomouc

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In September 1883  Olomouc Museum Society was established ,  which was renamed two years later to „Patriotic Museum Society in Olomouc“. This Society founded first Moravian museum institution, which was called the Regional Museum in Olomouc. Collection fund in the field both of social and biological sciences covers not only northern Moravia, but also wider area, local and abroad. Museum owns several buildings: Convent of the order of St. Clara with its church and school building of Jesuit´s university. Museum offers few permanent exhibitions: Nature of the Olomouc Region, Olomouc – Fifteen Centuries of City, Olomouc University / Universitas Olomoucensis, From the Cradle to the Grave, Gallery of Renowned Personalities of the Olomouc Region, The Story of Stone – Exhibition of geology, archeology and lapidarium, The Lancet Gallery.