The Museum of JUDr. Otakar Kudrna in Netolice


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The Municipal Museum together with the Information Centre have a seat in the best preserved renaissance house on the square of Netolice. In 1940 the mayor and lawyer JUDr. Otakar Kudrna established a foundation to which he bequeathed the renaissance house and his large private collections that formed the basis of contemporary museum collection. Later, the foundation was nationalized, the property was transfered to the town of Netolice and brought together with municipal museum which was found in 1909. Several generations of Kudrna family were important citizens of the town, maecenases and traveled collectioners. Thanks to their passion for collecting the museum today has uncommonly wide and valuable collections. Permanent exposition is devoted to the history of Netolice and local traditions, separate hall is dedicated to Kudrna family of founders.