Institute for Contemporary History
of the Academy of Sciences


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The Institute of Contemporary History (USD) was founded at the beginning of 1990 as a part of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. From the beginning it was focused on the study of Czech and Czechoslowakia history after 1938. Research, structure or personal staffing of the Institute have changed within the transformations of issues and approaches. Researchers have moved from history of policy and oppresive to the history of society, economics, everyday life, ideas and international relations. Nowadays, the USD is divided to four departments, namely the Department of the Nazi Occupation and Building of Socialism, Department of Real Socialism, and Department of Late-/Post-Socialism.  In parallel, there are several smaller work teams and research centres which are patterned on common issues and projects (e. g. Oral History Centre). The employees of Institute work in or are connected with lot of institutions, both in academical and university field or public and state level. The activity of USD is concerned with organization of conferences, seminars and workshops or with publishing of book editions and academic journal Soudobé dějiny (Contemporary History) which has also the English version from 2003 called Czech Journal of Contemporary History. Institute owns unique and vast library and documentation archive. In conclusion, USD cooperates with similarly oriented foreign institutions.