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10. 10. 2019

The Nobel Prize in Literature

On 10th October 2019, the 118th Nobel Prize of Literature was announced and it was awarded to the German writer Peter Handke. Thirty-five years ago, the prize was awarded also to Czech poet, translator and writer Jaroslav Seifert. On eSbirky, you can check out his contribution to the world of literature by listening to the audio version of the Interview with Helena Friedlova about the work of Josef Seifert after he had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature or you can listen to two of his exceptional works: Sonnets about Prague and Eight Days.


30. 9. 2019

Printing press

The sources have not been unanimous as to the exact date when the first book was printed on a printing press - a device invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the middle of 15th century. However, by common consent, it is the 42-Line Bible in Latin which is considered his most important print. In the National Museum’s collection called Printing press – the memories, you can see objects like printing pinsgalleys and process-blocks, which were used, alongside with other artefacts, for mechanical reproduction. On, you can also get online access to Czech most widespread edition of Melantrich’s Bible from 16th century. With the invention of the printing press, large scale print reproduction had been made possible, changing thus the nature of the world of information for the mankind once and for all.

19. 9. 2019

Jan Evangelista Purkyně

It was 182 years ago when an important Czech scientist and polymath Jan Evangelista Purkyně formulated his theory on cellular structure of animals, laying the foundations for the study of a new branch of science – the cytology. In the illustrations about the scientist’s life and work by Zdeňek Burian, which were published in the Edition of Science for Youth, he is depicted thinking by the Plössl’s microscope or demonstrating his new extraordinary invention – kinesiscope. The device was used for animation of objects and today it has been part of the collections of National Technical Museum. You can also see the device here, in the photo on eSbirky.

2. 9. 2019

Back to school!

Today, 2 September, it is the first day of school for schoolchildren. If you want to know how the school enviroment looked like in 19th and 20th century, you can access a new virtual exhibition called Back to school! Here you can see school stuff and school photographs from the collection of eSbírky.


29. 8. 2019

Slovak National Uprising

Slovak anti-Nazi resistance movement during World War II, launched on 29 August in Banská Bystrica in the last year of war, has been already made a part of Central European history. There were 2000 Czechs fighting alongside Slovaks in the anti-Nazi resistance movement. Besides these two nationalities, Polish, Romanians, Rusyns, Ucranians, French, Bulgarians, Yugoslavians and others also took part. General officer Július Nosko was a member of illegal Military Headquarters for the Uprising and a head of a czechoslovak army staff  in Slovakia.  In the collection of the National Museum dedicated to the Newer Czech history, you can see what his military uniform looked like.  If you want to know more about life of this military officer of Czechoslovak and Slovak army, you can also go for a book called „Thus fought the rebel army“, in which Nosko described his attitudes towards the resistance movement.

18. 6. 2018

Extraordinary virtual exhibition

Let's enjoy the special tour over the e-collection objects that were documented during fifteenth season of Prague Museum Night in our unique pop-up photo studio which was set up in National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill. We thank all participants for providing unique artifacts to the virtual exhibition and we believe that on the occasion of next Prague Museum Night we will meet again!

6. 4. 2018

The book belongs to me!

Are you keen on "ex libris"? If so, you have a chance to visit the new exhibition on the National Memorial on the Vítkov hill which is called "The book belongs to me! History of Czech ex libris since 1945". Some historical ex libris or other artifacts related to its manufacturing technology are available also in the form of virtual exhibition!

1. 2. 2018

The landscape in the service of the nation

How artist and various art disciplines percieved the transformation of czech national landscape in the course of years and centuries? Let's check our new virtual exhibition which is called "The landscape in the service of the nation".

24. 1. 2018

The Phenomenon Masaryk

Until the end of January you still have a chance to visit our exhibition The Phenomenon Masaryk which takes place in the National Museum New Building. You can taste a small review in the form of our virtual exhibition!

2. 1. 2018

New Year cards

They can have a number of forms. Some were made as the artworks, some were chosen from photo albums at random. Let's check the collection of New Year cards which was gathered on our website through seven years.


14. 9. 2017

80th Anniversary of TGM´s death

"The dim morning..." Today is the 80th anniversary when in the early morning in the palace Lány died the first Czechoslovakia President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. Let´s listen the Radio Free Europe broadcast which was recorded 16 years after his death.

12. 9. 2017

Masaryk as a Phenomenon

On 15th September 2017 will be opened new exhibition named "Masaryk as a Phenomenon" in National Museum New Building. The exhibition is dedicated to 80th anniversary of death of the first Czechoslovak president and it will present the Masaryk´s personality not only as a political and national eminent figure or historical myth but also as a common man with his ideals, attitudes and relationships. Top attraction will be probably his riding outfit! The exhibition will finish at the end of January 2018.

21. 7. 2017

Summons from 1912

Not all summons in your post box signify trouble to you! For instance, the former typist of Museum of the Czech Kingdom Bibliothek and its later director, Dr. Josef Volf could tell...


30. 6. 2017

Great Ward Round!

The Museum of East Bohemia in Hradec Králové has prepared an original exhibition called Great Ward Round! dedicated to the history of health care between World Wars in Hradec Králové. You can see many of attractive exhibits in the current virtual exhibition.

27. 6. 2017

Victims of Communism Day 2017

Today we remember the very sad anniversary of the execution which have no  parallel in Czech history. Let's commemorate it by the reportage from 1950 when not only Milada Horáková was executed but also another personalities who didn't fit to Communist regime because of their values and attitudes.
21. 6. 2017


The time of wedding is in full swing and curators from Historical Museum of National Museum have prepared a thematic exhibition thus. In Kinský Folly (Musaion) was recently presented the exposition of nuptial and wedding folklore of 19th and 20th century. Let's entice by our virtual exhibition

5. 6. 2017

Prague Museum Night 2017

Are you planning something on Saturday the 10th June? If you don´t, you can find your optimal programm on the Prague Museum Night website and visit us in the National Museum New Building for instance. You can also compete with us and possibly win any interesting price! 


25. 5. 2017

Johann II., Prince of Liechtenstein

The exhibition devoted to Johann II., Prince of Liechtenstein takes place in Silesian Museum and last until the half of August. Thanks to his sponsorial activities at the turn of the 19th and 20th century Silesian Museum gained not only unique exhibits but also estates and financial sum to construct new buildings. You can taste the overview of Liechtenstein´s collections also in the form of our virtual exhibition


16. 5. 2017

Europeana 1914-1918

Do you remember the cultural event titled Europeana 1914-1918? Thanks to these collection days there was digitized over 2000 unique artifact from the Great War period. Virtual outcomes are accessible on eSbí website! There was also prepared the virtual exhibition which presents the most interesting and valuable digest of this huge collection.

4. 5. 2017

May Uprising

This year we register the 72th anniversary of the explosion of popular resistance against the Nazi occupation of Czechlands. So called "May Uprising" was the bloody conclusion of World War II. Let's commemorate these dramatic days thanks to photos which were preserved in special fund within the Collection of Czech modern history.

25. 4. 2017

Austro-Hungarian Empire in photographs

Do you want to travel around Austro-Hungarian Empire? You've got the chance! Even when this multi-national state broke up almost before one century, it is possible thanks to the preserved collection of colorized transparencies from the turn of 19th and 20th century. Its part is avaible on eSbí website.

10. 4. 2017

Art Nouveau Session

Do you know that Europeana website presents its top collections from Secession period within spring time Art Nouveau Session in these days? Except posters, paintings, graphics, crockery and jewelry from this ornamental epoch it can be seen also thematic articles about curiosities and personalities of this era.

30. 3. 2017


Positive issue is coming into our virtual space in the time of these first spring days! And which one? The wedding! The course of exhibitions on the topic of rural wedding and nuptial folklore will be presented in two phases in Kinský folly. And you can virtually taste here its first part called "Courtship".

23. 2. 2017

Chaura Collection

National Museum Numismatic Collection is extraordinary large, both in real and virtual side! There are newly published virtual funds which could interest you, for instance, special-purpose stamps and counters which were used as payment tools or tokens.

14. 2. 2017

Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

Have you ever visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York? This institution infamous all over the world put 441.174 artworks in virtual space on its website. So, these huge amount of virtual artifacts is available completely for free!

6. 2. 2017

When the Emperor is Dying

Until 26th March 2017 you can see the exhibition called "When the Emperor is Dying" in Czech Museum in Music. We present you a little "degustation" in the form of virtual exhibition.

26. 1. 2017

Architectonical Project of National Museum Building

Reconstruction of National Museum Historical Building is already in the midpoint. Renovated frontage of building will be uncovered soon. Do you know that the architectonical project of Josef Schulz has got totally 26 competing projects during the competion in 1883? Some of these are preserved in National Museum. Let´s see!

18. 1. 2017

Matice opavská

Let´s see on our new virtual exhibition "Matice opavská" which reflects ongoing exhibition of the same name in Silesian Museum. It is placed in the Museum Historical Building in Opava and it is opened until 24th February. 

4. 1. 2017

Neanderthal Cranial Cavity

Do you know that the unique finding of Neanderthal cranial cast from 1926 is firstly exhibited on public display? National Museum lent it to the exhibition "Welcome to Neanderthals" which takes place in Anthropos Pavilion until the end of 2017.

2. 1. 2017

2nd January 1990

Do you know how looked like the internal news on 2nd January 1990? Listen the commentary to New Year´s speech of Václav Havel or foreign news.

27. 12. 2016


Christmas present in the form of 100 000 published items on eSbírky made us so glad! We thanks all fellow workers and we wish peaceful rest of this year 2016 and best wishes to next year 2017!

23. 12. 2016

Christmas Cards

If you would like to send the Christmas card to your relatives, our electronic cards will arrive on time surely. Please, chose it from eSbirky Christmas cards and send it on whichever email adress using the button "send subject ecard". We wish you Merry Christmas!

15. 12. 2016

Prachatice Museum

In the period of longest nights in the year eSbirky had lit by the unique collection of lamps from Prachatice Museum.

2. 12. 2016

Dear Christ Child, I wish...

Advent is here and within also yearly repeating rumination about Christmas presents. The exhibition "Dear Christ Child, I wish..." takes place in Ethnographic Museum of National Museum and it presents a wide scale of dreamed wishes of children. You can see the exhibition in Kinský Folly until 31st January 2017.

29. 11. 2016

Municipal Museum and Gallery Břeclav

The another newcoming museum on eSbí is the Municipal Museum and Gallery Břeclav. For now we present You the selection from ethnographical and historical collections. Another artifacts and exhibits will come soon!

22. 11. 2016

The Museum of Moravian Slovakia

Did You notice that the number of partnership institutions is increasing very quickly? For now, last newcomer is the Museum of Moravian Slovakia in Uherské Hradiště, and other will come soon!

3. 11. 2016

Social-club life in Silesia

Silesian Museum prepared an exhibition regarding to unconventional issue: social-club life in Silesia. What waits to you in the exposition building? You can see here.

21. 10. 2016


Also on eSbírky people can take a look into the recently past and see chosen artifacts from the exhibition called typically Retro which takes place in National Museum New Building.   

14. 10. 2016

Juraj Hovorka

The Exhibition of sculptor Juraj Hovorka takes place in Regional Museum Šumperk nowadays. Besides virtual exhibition we recommend to see pictures from the opening of the exhibition which was attended by the sculptor himself.

10. 10. 2016

Europeana 1914-1918 Report

Do you remember when we requested You to provide us any historical material from the WWI hidden in Your bookshelves? Let's see on the short report from Europeana 1914-1918 collection day!

26. 9. 2016

Regional Museum Šumperk

Do you notice something interesting in Regional Museum Šumperk collection? Not a few of artifacts from this collection are presented on eSbí also in 3D version!

12. 9. 2016

Karel May Book Illustrations

The Treasure of Silver Lake, The Wild Kurdistan, Satan and Judas, Kara ben Nemsí, Vinnetou...Stories of Karel May interested just generation streak of readers. Their imagination also supported three illustrators whose original artwork we presents now on eSbí!

1. 9. 2016

The Water Goblins

Visitors have got a great chance to see the exhibition "The Water Goblins" in Czech Puppet and Cirque Museum in Prachatice untill 16th October. If you are afraid of these green monsters, let´s look at our virtual exhibition! It is only small presentation what you can await in Prachatice!  

24. 8. 2016

Kateřina Černá Illustrations

Thin and dynamical lines which depict details and space perspective with unfailing precision. Like that are illustrations of Kateřina Černá which are newly presented in National Museum Library.

19. 8. 2016

21st August 1968

21st August 1968. Listen popular reactions which were caused by the invasion of Warsaw Pact Military Forces. These reactions were authentically recorded in Wenceslas Square in 1968 and comes from Radio Free Europe Audio Archive.

17. 8. 2016

Bookbinding Equipment

Do you know how book-bindings were decorated at the turn of 19th and 20th century? We present You the collection of bookbindings equipment which comes from National Museum.

12. 8. 2016


Summer isn´t ending yet! At least not on eSbí Let´s see on new collection which is dedicated to "tramping"! Do you know for instance what is "camrátko"?

4. 8. 2016

Olympic Games

Summer Olympics are here! Let´s see on virtual exhibition called Olympic poster. There are the best exhibits from National Museum Collections!

2. 8. 2016

eSbírky News

Do You know what is new in our website? Regional Museum Šumperk still increasing the number of publications from its historical collection and National Museum Library published illustrations and drafts of book-jackets from academical painter Dana Puchnarová

26. 7. 2016

Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague

Do You know that Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague will open to the public soon? Reconstruction of Historical Building will be finished at the end of this year.

26. 7. 2016

Olympic Poster

Rio Olympic Games are approaching quickly! Put yourself in the sport mood in National Memorial on Vítkov Hill! National Museum presents here the poster collection from past Olympics which also specifically reflects former art movements.

29. 6. 2016

Tip for the holiday

Are you thinking where to go for this holiday or just for a one-day summer trip? For inspiration, have a look at collection of glass photographic slides from the National Museum. 

15. 6. 2016

Photographs of Josef Váchal

In occasion of publication of the book ‚Josef Váchal – The Book of Memories‘ eSbirky were extended by interesting series of his images. Starring: Josef Váchal, Anna Macková and Tarzán.

27. 5. 2016

Fashion under the Olympic rings

Suit collection of Czech Olympic team for Rio de Janeiro Olympic games was presented to public on 27th May. Do you know how the clothing of Czech athletes in the past looked like? You can see some of them here

10. 5. 2016

Prague Museum Night 2016

On Saturday 11th June you could meet us during the Prague Museum Night in the National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill with our Virtual Post Mail and thematic exposition of artifacts from the World War I, acquired at Europeana 1914-1918 Collection Days. 

7. 3. 2016

Mezi nové partnery eSbírek patří od tohoto týdne také Institut umění - Divadelní ústav. Zde si můžete prohlédnout první vlaštovku z jejich bohatého fondu.

1. 2. 2016

150th Anniversary Austro-Prussian War

This year is 150th anniversary of so called Seven Weeks´ War, the great clash among austrian and prussian armies which is particulary known as Battle of Hradec Králové (or Sadová). This conflict fundamentally changed the political map of Europe. Do you have at home any artifacts which are connected with this event? Museum of Eastern Bohemia takes place public collection which could and should interest You!

27. 1. 2016

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

27th January pertains to a memory of the Holocaust and its victims. In Jewish Museum Prague collections can be found a lot of artifacts reminding this sad historical period. Often it shivers with scare. 

19. 1. 2016

Jan Palach, 19th January

How was the sad and sorrowful 19th January from the perspective of Radio Free Europe? A statement of Antonie Hegerlíková or interview with treating doctor of Jan Palach can be listened here, in RFE Sound Archive. 

18. 1. 2016

Correspondence of František Kaván

Digest of correspondence of František Kaván, eminent Czech landscape painter and learner of Julius Mařák, is avaible on eSbírky!

11. 1. 2016

Regional Museum Most

Together with the new year 2016 come also other new museums and its various collections. This time we present the collection of splendid historical furniter from Regional Museum Most.

4. 1. 2016

Regional Museum Litomyšl

The exhibits of Regional Museum Litomyšl were added on eSbírky! Part of Museum´s art collection can be see here.

14. 12. 2015

Middle Kingdom

We derive pleasure from spreading out the section of virtual exhibitions to the East! Specifically, it is in form of selected artifacts from "Middle Kingdom" exhibition which takes place in Náprstkovo Museum.

30. 11. 2015

Illustrations of Ludmila Jiřincová

It is our honour to introduce the artwork of Ludmila Jiřincová on eSbírky, the "First Lady" of Czech graphic arts. Her illustrations are part of the National Museum Library collections.

23. 11. 2015

Caps of mushrooms

Do you know that mushrooms can help us as a protection against frost? Let´s take a look at winter caps sewed from polypores which are integral part to the Historical Museum collections. About interesting characteristics of mushrooms and chiefly about protection of these specific organisms you can learn more on the lecture "Protection of mushroom´s biodiversity" which takes place on 26th November in National Museum New Building.

9. 11. 2015

Municipal Museum Polná

On eSbírky website added up exhibits of Municipal Museum Polná. You should aim your attention for example to the educative set of Old School Polná.

5. 11. 2015

Jan Zrzavý

5th November is the 125th anniversary of the birth of eminent painter, Jan Zrzavý. At this occasion National Museum takes place Memorial Evening on 6th November in the National Museum New Building.

26. 10. 2015

28th October National Holiday

Do you know how looked the Concept of First Law of Czechslovakia from 28th October 1918? You´ll be surprised maybe...

6. 10. 2015

Institute for Contemporary History

Do you remember the first independent elections after the Fall of Iron Curtain in the former Czechoslovakia? Among recently contributing institutions on eSbírky came the Institute for Contemporary History and its interesting set of posters, pictures and ballots from this turning period.

16. 9. 2015

A Troubled Century

Five-year-lasting research and presentation project of various perspectives on cultural heritage of Silesia wil be finish this year with the exhibition which is generously hold epilogue of this project. Set out with us to the journey through 20th century and see which artifacts are to be found on the exhibition "A Troubled Century" in Silesian Museum.

8. 9. 2015

Anniversary of Antonín Dvořák

Czech lands are nowadays keen on melodies of Antonín Dvořák. Worldfamous composer was borned 174 years ago and as one of a few Czech composers rose the fame in overseas countries, especialy in USA . About "American polka", Czech pride and tone of distances or solitariness in his scores read Josef Škvorecký in recording from Radio Free Europe Archive.

28. 8. 2015

Ethnographic exhibition - Musaion

Do you know that Kinsky Folly in Prague-Smíchov have been reopened ten years ago? Before the large reconstruction was the building rated among most endangered historical buildings in Czech Republic. However, revitalization took place in 2002-2005 and the spanking new building was opened in October 2005 as a another edifice of National Museum. Except of long-term exhibition Czech Folk Culture offers Ethnographic Museum (called Musaion) also current exhibition Czech Farmhouse Today.

18. 8. 2015

eSbírky Newsletter

Did you already come to the second issue of eSbírky Newsletter? If you missed it, can find it together with the first issue in our file "Profesionálům"

5. 8. 2015

Do muzea! (Into the Museum!)

Have you already visited the new apliccation "Do muzea!" (Into the museum)? It presents detailed survey of museums across Czech republic. Moreover, the hot news which give you sense of recent memory institutions are included here. Visitors can evaluate its services on the basic of their experience and according to concrete measures can create ranking of popular museums.

8. 7. 2015

National aggregator in the world of eCulture

eSbírky were one of the key isuess of seminar named "National aggregator in the world of eCulture" which took place in the Academy of Science´s Library on 14th July. Couldn´t you attend or be involved? It was published the short review and presentations of speakers on the eMuzeum website. More here. And just another review of seminar here.

16. 6. 2015

Jan Hus Exhibition

6th July 2015 is the 600th anniversary of burning of Jan Hus in Constance. National Museum prepared at this occasion the exhibition titled Jan Hus in the National Museum Collections (1415-2015). Little illustration can bee seen here.

8. 6. 2015

Jena Codex

Antithesis Christi et Antichristi, renowned as Jena codex, can bee seen only to 8th June in the National Museum New Building. If you don´t manage it in time, it is possible to see it here!

29. 5. 2015

Children´s Day

Aren´t you still decided how to spend the Children´s Day with your family? You can visit e. g. National Museum Lapidary or set out on the Noah´s Ark exhibition!

19. 5. 2015

Museum Night Festival

Czech Museum Night Festival takes place from 15th May to 13th June. Whole range of museums prepared attractive programms to its visitors. What places can be visited in night-time hours? You can gain your inspiration e. g. here.

18. 5. 2015

International Museum Day

Do you know that 18th May is the Internation Museum Day? This year it is connected with the motto: "Museum for the suistainable society".

12. 5. 2015

Music and politics

Did you miss the exhibition called "Music and politics" which took place in the National Memorial on the Vítkov hill? See at least virtual selection of exhibits here.

6. 5. 2015

Czech National Uprising 1945

Let´s mark here the events of Prague uprising which happened 70 years before. In National Museum´s Czech Modern History collection can be found an unique photography complex from which you can get a goose bumps... 

27. 4. 2015


Do you know what treasures are kept in National Museum Lapidary in Výstaviště Praha-Holešovice? This extraordinary collection of statues and architectonical fragments is open to the public again from 1st May after the winter pause. See here what you can expect on your visit. 

17. 4. 2015

Historical building

Reconstruction of the Historical Building of National Museum is planned minimally to the next 3 years. Never mind, we can see it virtually here. And even in  360° view!

10. 4. 2015

Stanislav Kolíbal on Museum 3000

Illustrations of Stanislav Kolíbal have been uploaded on eSbí quite long time ago. Check also the movie in which this artist talks about the circumstances and origin of his artworks. 

7. 4. 2015

The Country and its Lord

Do you know that some artifacts from the exhibition Country and its Lord can be seen here in the form of virtual exhibition? In Silesian Museum is the "real" exhibition opened to 5th July.

30. 3. 2015

František Bílek - Illustrations

Gorgeous illustrations of eminent symbolistic graphic designer, sculptor and architect František Bílek were added on eSbírky! The collection comes from the Book Culture department of National Museum Library.

25. 3. 2015

Bohumil Hrabal

Closely Observed Trains, Snowdrop Festival, Cutting It Short, Larks on a String... Do you know that 28th March would Bohumil Hrabal, the author of book templates to these movies, live to 101 years? Let´s see his handwriting.

18. 3. 2015

West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen

Phoebus Apollo, Giant Peacock Moth and Swallowtail, or welcome butterflies on eSbí! They comes from collection of West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen which starts the cooperation with eSbírky via this presentation.

13. 3. 2015


Have you bought a March issue of Literární noviny yet? Its supplement Biblio includes article about National Museum Book Culture collection, which is also online. If you would like to see it, all you need to do is make a one click.

6. 3. 2015

Týn nad Vltavou

Municipal museum Týn nad Vltavou was added to the partnership of eSbí at the beginning of this year. The presentation of its collection can be seen here.

6. 3. 2015

Masaryk - the reconstruction of presidential summer residence Lány castle

Do you know that the reconstruction of Lány castle in 1921 on the basis of architectonal project by Josip Plečnik tooks only ten weeks? This snap action was carried out for the purpose of adapting the summer residence of TGM and his family.

2. 3. 2015

50 000

The first March day and its first spring sunbeams achieve also another great succes! eSbí exceeds over 50,000 digitalized items! Thank You!

23. 2. 2015

Anniversary of the birth of Bedrich Smetana

2nd March 2015, this day Bedřich Smetana would live to the age of 191. On the occasion of this anniversary takes place the exhibition "Diplomas and gifts of honour to Bedřich Smetana" in Bedřich Smetana´s Museum. The exhibition lasts to 30th March 2015. More here.

16. 2. 2015

Miroslav Zikmund

14th February is the birthdate of Miroslav Zikmund, famous globetrotter and lifelong companion of Jiří Hanzelka. Short interview about their traveller´s adventures with Tatra 87 and later Tatra 805 are avaible to listen here.

16. 2. 2015

Ducat of Opavian duke Přemek I.

Do you know that National Museum owns also an unique Ducat of Opavian duke Přemek I.? This coin could be seen within the collection "Land and its landlord" in Silesian Museum. Actually it can be seen virtually here, on eSbí!

11. 2. 2015

Anniversary of the birth of Zdeněk Burian

On the 11th February it was 110 years from the birth of Czech illustrator, Zdeněk Burian. His lifework is usually associated with paleontological reconstructions and illustrations to the books of Eduard Štorch. However, here you can see a few illustrations, which Burian prepared for the book about eminent Czech scientist, Jan Evangelista Purkyně. 

30. 1. 2015

Anniversary of the birth of Jan Werich

On the 6th February it was 110 years from the birth of actor, scenarist and scriptwriter, Jan Werich. His specific humor is avaible e.g. on this recording, where he taunt together with his theatre collegue, Miroslav Horníček.

27. 1. 2015

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust falls on the 27th January. Let´s see the photocollection of unKnown Jewish citizens from years 1942-44, which is presented on the Jewish museum website as a virtual collection.

22. 1. 2015

Artuš Scheiner illustrations

Publisher of a new edition of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King in Moscow has found illustrations for the book on eCollections! See them and other original pieces of Czech illustrator Artus Scheiner here.

22. 1. 2015

František Illek

Frantisek Illek was significant Czech photographer whose work was partly devoted to sport reportage photography. 2871 unique images from his inheritance describing sport life in Czechoslovakia in 30‘s, 40’s and 50’s of 20th century can be seen here.

8. 10. 2014

Magic of searching

Successful exhibition „Josef Váchal: Magic of searching“, which took place in the Stone Bell House and was organized by Prague City Gallery, ended on the 4th January 2015. Some of the presented artworks came from the National Museum Library´s collection, and you can find them in the form of „virtual exhibition“ on the website eSbí!

8. 10. 2014

Regional Museum in Olomouc

Regional Museum in Olomouc enriched the website eSbí with its digitalized exhibits. "Tasting" of its rich collections can be experienced here.  

8. 10. 2014

Meteorites of Opava

All meteorites of Opava, which were exposed within the exhibition "Unique Exhibits of Land Museums", can be founded in digitalized form on the website eSbí If you have got a long way to Silesian Museum, see here.