12. 7. 2024

The tragic death of Tomáš Bata

Today is the anniversary of the death (1932) of one of the greatest entrepreneurs of his time, Tomáš Bata. Before six o'clock in the morning, his private plane took off from Otrokovice, which was headed for Zurich, but unfortunately it did not arrive there, it crashed shortly after takeoff. Tomáš Baťa left behind an extensive complex of production, trade, transport, services and finance, which was spread over four continents and employed thirty thousand people.

4. 7. 2024

Musée Picasso collections online

More and more institutions around the world are gradually approaching the digitization of their collections. This year, the Musée Picasso in Paris also made its collections available. The museum has made available thousands of works of art from the painter's estate on its online portal. In addition to paintings, drawings, essays, interviews or professional studies, the public also has more than 19,000 previously unpublished photographs available to the public. However, this list is not final, further digitization of written documents is planned in the coming months.

27. 6. 2024

The Good Cat and the Treacherous One

If you're a cat lover, you can't miss the exhibition The Good Cat and the Treacherous One, which is currently taking place in the Schwarzenberg Palace in Prague. The chamber exhibition of the National Gallery presents graphic sheets and drawings with cat motifs, which began to appear in European graphics from the 16th century. At first, cats were part of larger images, as an accompanying motif, but later they became the main subject. They were depicted not only in genre, allegorical, portrait or natural history scenes, but also in paintings with religious themes. Also on eCollections you will find several works with a cat theme, for example an etching by Václav Hollar or paintings on porcelain by Helena Shmaus Shooner.

20. 6. 2024

The first day of summer

Summer has been around for a few days now, and holiday fun is inextricably linked with it. Among the items in the eCollection, we have found several items that describe summer well-being very well, and you can find them among the top items on the main page.

13. 6. 2024

World Art Nouveau Day

Did you know that Art Nouveau, one of the most popular art styles today, has its own holiday? It falls on June 10, and this date was not chosen randomly. The initiator of the first year was the Hungarian Museum of Arts and Crafts, whose building was designed by the project architect Ödön Lechner, a representative of the Hungarian Art Nouveau, who died on June 10, 1914.

3. 6. 2024

European Bicycle Day

Many significant days are celebrated throughout the year: we usually remember key events in our history, the death or birth of important personalities. Today, however, we commemorate a less prosaic thing - European Bicycle Day. Cycling has been very popular in our country for many years, as evidenced by several cycling museums, including museums in Boskovštejn, Nové Hrady or Žireč. You will also find countless items with a cycling theme on eSbirky.

30. 5. 2024

How Europe was formed

In a few days, the member states of the European Union are waiting for elections to the European Parliament. These are held every five years and citizens of each of the 27 member states have the opportunity to elect MPs to represent their interests. The first elections with nine member states took place already in June 1979. On the Europeana website, you have the opportunity to study the history of these elections, including photos from the first year, through a new virtual exhibition.

23. 5. 2024

Bohemian porcelain of three centuries

What event do you recall after saying the year 1792? How well do you know the history of Czech porcelain? If you are struggling with both questions, then we recommend a visit to the new exhibition Czech Porcelain of Three Centuries, where you will learn the answers to the above and much more. For the first time, the exhibition presents the history of Czech white gold from the perspective of artistic development. Here you will find the oldest examples of Czech porcelain as well as products by contemporary designers.

18. 5. 2024

Disused Museums

Today's International Museum Day is a great opportunity to introduce a new virtual tour. Its name is Disused Museums and its aim is to present period objects from the collections of party museums created in the second half of the 20th century in Czechoslovakia and Soviet satellites. These institutions had the task of presenting the ruling communist ideology, but after 1989 they disappeared en masse and their collections lost their original meaning. Through the thus formed ideological collection of the Museum of the Workers' Movement, the exhibition points to the historical role and possible ways of using preserved objects in the present day.

11. 5. 2024

50 years of Prague underground

In addition to the battles for Czech Radio related to the end of the Second World War, these days we are also commemorating another interesting anniversary, which is the commissioning of the Prague underground. It has already been 50 years since the first robust Ečs sets produced at the Mytischinsky Engineering Plant near Moscow were rolled out. Its commissioning was preceded by eight years of construction work, the result of which were nine stations on route C from Kačerov to Sokolovská (today's Florenc). Today, the metro has three routes, about 65 kilometers and transports 600 million passengers annually.

9. 5. 2024

The fight for Czech Radio

The first days of May are inextricably linked with the end of the Second World War. During these days, there was also a fight for Czech Radio, which flared up during the Prague Uprising. The conflict began on May 5 at six o'clock in the morning, lasted four days and claimed the lives of 170 Czech citizens. Not only members of the Czechoslovak armed forces, but also radio employees and civilians joined the fight. The Germans deployed heavy weapons - tanks - to charge the radio station and fired cannons from the armored train from the Main Station. In the end, it was not possible to recharge the radio, even though every meter, every room of the radio building was fought for. The fighting did not end until May 9, when the Red Army entered Prague.

27. 4. 2024

World Graphics Day

World Graphics Day primarily commemorates the fields of graphic design, on this occasion we would also like to draw attention to the field of artistic (free) graphics. That is why we have prepared for you a new virtual exhibition of graphic sheets depicting domestic monuments.

18. 4. 2024

The International Day of Monuments and Sites

The International Day of Monuments and Sites was declared in 1982 by UNESCO and the United Nations Department for Education, Science and Culture. Here, we commemorate this day through conferences, lectures, special guided tours and open days. If you don't have the opportunity to go on a trip, you can use the eSbirky, which are full of interesting exhibits and photos of domestic monuments. In addition, you can closely study the unique works of art that are normally hidden in the depositories of castles and chateaux of the NPÚ. Part of Ty is the Ad unicum project, in whose publications you will find Gothic, Renaissance and Mannerist subjects. Last year, the project also focused on ancient monuments.

15. 4. 2024

Establishment of the National Museum

On this day in 1818, the Czech landed gentry issued a solemn proclamation establishing the Patriotic Museum in Bohemia, today's National Museum. It was originally created as a private institution, at its beginning the noblemen František Antonín Count Kolovrat – Libštejnský and Kašpar Maria Count Šternberk were strongly involved. Their effigies, as well as portraits of other important scientists, writers, musicians and artists, can be found in the Pantheon of the National Museum.

24. 3. 2024

Palm Sunday

The last Sunday of Lent, called May Sunday, concludes the six-week period of Lent and also begins the Passion Week, which culminates in the Easter holiday. On this day we commemorate the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, who was welcomed by the people with palm branches. Since palm trees do not grow in our conditions, they were therefore replaced by fresh wands with so-called catkins. These are blessed in church on Palm Sunday and burned to ashes the following year.
20. 3. 2024

Spring is finally here

The spring equinox, which this year falls on 20 March, has always been associated with several festive rituals. The most famous one, which is still practised in several places, is the Morana. Its effigy, most often made of straw, is burned, buried in the ground or thrown into the water along with old and unnecessary items. The onset of spring is also evident in the eSbirky - the winter top objects have been replaced by exhibits with floral motifs.
8. 3. 2024

Prague Feminist

Where was the history of the Czech feminist movement written and who were its key figures? This is what the new exhibition Prague Feminist at Campus Hybernská is about.

1. 3. 2024

Bedřich Smetana 200

This year we are celebrating an important anniversary. Two hundred years ago, the composer Bedřich Smetana was born, whose fame exceeded the borders of our country. On this occasion, there will be many cultural events and commemorations of his work. The National Museum joined the anniversary with an exhibition of original historical costumes from the composer's operas. At the same time, the exhibition provides an insight into the restoration work, which allows the costumes to be seen again in the same way that it is possible to see the audience in the second half of the 19th century in the Provisional and National Theatres.

22. 2. 2024

Automatic Gočár Mills

You must have noticed that a new architectural monument has opened to the public in Pardubice. Automatic Gočár Mills is a large complex built between 1909 and 1910 as the first Pardubice realization of the architect Josef Gočár. The architecture of the mills, now a multifunctional cultural complex, is meant to remind the visitor of the Babylonian Ishtar Gate. Between 2019 and 2023, the first stage of their revitalisation took place, resulting in four renovated buildings with an information and education centre, and two galleries: the Gočár Gallery, formerly the East Bohemian Gallery in Pardubice, and GAMPA, or the Gallery of the City of Pardubice.

14. 2. 2024

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday, falling this year on Wednesday 14 February, means only one thing: the end of revelry in the form of merrymaking and delicacies and the beginning of strict fasting. You can see what Masopust meant to our ancestors and how they prepared for the Lenten season in the eSbirky.

13. 2. 2024

Oldest Jewelry & Body Ornaments

Don't forget that there is only a month left to visit the Oldest Jewelry & Body Ornaments exhibition, which is being held in the Historical Building of the National Museum. In the exhibition you will also find the oldest ceramic statuette in the world: the Věstonice Venus. It was last exhibited in the National Museum in 2014.

8. 2. 2024

Spartakiads and Tosta As

Spartakiads, or mass gym performances numbering up to several thousand trainees, took place in our country for the first time already in the period of the First Republic. The first national spartakiade took place in 1955, followed by five-year intervals. In addition to specially prepared sets, the event was characterized by uniform outfits for each group, the production of which took place in domestic textile companies. One of them was Tosta Aš, in which costumes for three Spartakiads were sewn. In addition, gloves, dresses, leisure and sports clothes and nightwear and underwear were sewn in Tosta.

29. 1. 2024

Czech glass on the UNESCO

You must have noticed that at the end of last year, the handmade production of glass was included in the list of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. The Czech Republic was not the only country that sought to register hand-made glass, France, Germany and Hungary also joined. Of these countries, however, the Czech Republic has an exceptional position - unlike other countries, all glass production techniques are represented here. You will also find a lot of interesting glass objects on eSbirky: art nouveau glass from the Museum of Arts and Crafts, drinking glass and figurines from Železný Brod or a collection of historical glass from the National Museum.

19. 1. 2024

Jan Palach

Jan Palach, who decided on self-immolation as a radical form of protest against the occupation of Czechoslovakia, was not the only "living torch". Historian Petr Blažek mapped fifty cases of self-immolation across the countries of the former Soviet bloc between 1966 and 1989. In the second half of January 1969 alone, in response to Palach's act, ten people attempted to burn themselves to death.

1. 1. 2024

PF 2024

Are you hesitating about what form your New Year's wish or PF should take? You can be inspired by our collection of New Year's cards, of which there are almost nine hundred on eSbirky.

24. 12. 2023

Christmas traditions

Christmas holidays are associated with a lot of customs that our ancestors already observed. Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, these traditions are gradually disappearing. Let's therefore remember them through the items on the eCollections. A nice memory is a series of photos from Zálesí depicting the launching of boats, throwing a shoe or slicing apples. During the Christmas holidays, of course, decorating the tree and baking cookies could not be missed.

15. 12. 2023

Winter at eSbírky

With the arrival of winter, the eCollections have also gradually changed: the main page is decorated with new top items with themes of snowy landscapes from all over the country. Enjoy with us the views of the streets of old Liberec and Sokolov or imaginary snowy landscapes by Vojtěch Preissig or Adolf Pergl.

25. 11. 2023

Specialized public databases

The eSbirky portal continues to grow. In recent days, a new functionality has been added - specialized public databases. The first of them presents a special curatorial selection of 20th century sportswear from the Department of History of Physical Education and Sport of the National Museum.

11. 11. 2023

Veterans Day

Today, in addition to St. Martin's Day, we also commemorate Veterans Day. Even thirty years ago it was possible to meet veterans of the First World War, as of November of this year, according to the Czechoslovak Legionary Community, there were 82 veterans of the Second World War living in the Czech Republic. We can no longer meet some of them, but fortunately their memories are recorded and available on the Memory of the Nation website.

9. 11. 2023

In the footsteps of Karel Hynk Mácha

Do you know what the Church of Our Lady Victorious in Malá Strana, Prague's Charles Square, Bezděz Castle and Litoměřice have in common? All the places are connected with the person of Karel Hynek Mácha, 187 years have passed since his death this year. In the first of the named churches, the representative of Czech romanticism and the founder of modern Czech poetry was baptized, on the other hand, at the church of St. Ignáce lived on Charles Square for several years with his parents and brother Michal. Mácha is known for his passion for travel, he completed the first trip to Bezděz together with his classmate in 1832. He found his resting place in Litoměřice when he died of cholera in 1836.

2. 11. 2023

All Souls' Day

All Souls' Day, or the Memorial of All the Faithful Dead, falls on November 2 and is related to the All Saints' Day celebrated a day earlier. Its tradition goes back to the time of the Celts, who celebrated Samhain, the end of summer and the beginning of the new year. The Celts believed that during this period the souls of the deceased return home, so their relatives showed them the way to the underworld with lanterns made from hollowed out beets. He tried to build on these pagan traditions in 998 St. Odilo, Abbot of Cluny, when he instituted the Memorial of the Faithful Dead. In the Czech countryside, All Souls' Day was celebrated in different ways. The most common tradition is lighting candles and decorating graves with flowers. Special leavened bread, the so-called bones of saints, was also baked on holidays.

30. 10. 2023

Czechoslovak currency

Last weekend we commemorated 105 years since the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic. We are mostly familiar with the circumstances of the creation of our state, but do you know when and where the Czechoslovak currency was created? The Czechoslovak crown was established by Act No. 84 of February 25, 1919, on the basis of which Austro-Hungarian banknotes were withdrawn and circled. These were then gradually exchanged for Czechoslovak banknotes. The first banknote was a 100-crown state note and the first coins were 20 haler and 50 haler. Their production was ensured by the only Czechoslovak mint located in Kremnica in Slovakia. Look at the unique photos from its operation.

28. 9. 2023

Celebrations of the St. Wenceslas Millennium in 1929

The whole nation commemorated the thousand-year anniversary of the death of St. Wenceslas in 1929 with spectacular celebrations that began in the morning on Wenceslas Square and in the adjacent streets. The afternoon program moved to the Prague Castle, where a festive lunch was held, followed by an exhibition of J.V. Myslbek's works in the Trade Fair Palace. The day-long program ended with the so-called tribute to the nation at the monument of St. Wenceslas with the participation of the entire government.

14. 9. 2023

The death of Tomas Garrigue Masaryk

Eighty-six years ago, a sad day came for Czechoslovaks. Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the first Czechoslovak president, died in Lány after a short illness. After the autopsy, the body was transported to Prague, where it was displayed at Prague Castle for several days. By then, more than half a million people had come to pay their respects to the open casket. The state funeral was held on Tuesday, September 21 at Prague Castle to the sound of the St. Wenceslas Choral and ended after more than nine hours with the burial of the remains in the family tomb at the Lány cemetery.

7. 9. 2023

The last coronation

On September 7, 1836, an unprecedented thing happened in Prague: the last coronation took place in the St. Vitus Cathedral. The last crowned Czech king was Ferdinand V, known as the Benevolent, from the House of Habsburg. The act of coronation itself included ceremonial anointing, putting on a ring as a symbol of the monarch's betrothal to his country, and then placing the crown of St. Wenceslas on the king's head. After the coronation, the celebrations continued with a festive feast in the Vladislav Hall. Even the common people were not left out, a folk festival was organized for them at the Invalidovna in Prague.

4. 9. 2023

Back to school!

The holidays flew by, like every year, lightning speed. Summer is coming to an end, vacation time is over, adults are returning to the classic work mode and children to school. One of the virtual exhibitions at eSbírky is also devoted to the topic of returning to school. There you will find photos of school equipment from the turn of the century, gymnasium equipment or period photographs.

21. 8. 2023

August 1968

The invasion of Warsaw Pact troops ended the liberal reform changes in Czechoslovakia, known as the Prague Spring. How did Czechoslovak citizens perceive the August events? You can listen to this on a recording from the streets of Prague from the collections of the Radio Free Europe sound archive. Dozens of other testimonies can be found in the archive of the Memory of Nations.

19. 8. 2023

World Photography Day

Photography is ubiquitous. We use it while studying, at work, and in our free time. Some have ambitions to capture the present moment as perfectly as possible, others just want a photo of their pet as a keepsake. Be that as it may, photography has been an integral part of our lives for over 180 years. And today we celebrate World Photography Day, which commemorates the free release of the daguerreotype patent by the French government to the whole world (19 August 1839). Photographs are represented almost thirteen thousand times in the eCollections. Can you guess which institution has the most?

13. 8. 2023

Jewish Memorial Day

The aim of the Day of Jewish Monuments, which traditionally falls on Monday, August 14, is to make available a whole range of Jewish monuments located in the territory of the Czech Republic. There are synagogues and cemeteries to visit, including fifteen recently renovated buildings.

8. 8. 2023

Cats in the world of art

Today is International Cat Day. A day that celebrates one of the most common and oldest domestic pets. Most of you probably know that they were already worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. But do you know that they reached Europe together with the Vikings on their ships? Cats have always been very popular all over the world and have often become the subject of works of art. We often find them in the work of ceramicist Helena Schmaus Shooner, graphic artist Václav Hollar or Lumila Jiřincová dedicated one of his etchings to them. A cat from an oriental environment can also be found in a painting by Antonín Pelc.

3. 8. 2023

Virtual exhibitions expand the offer of eSbirky

Have you noticed that the collection of our virtual exhibitions continues to grow gratifyingly? This is an ideal option in case you cannot see the selected exhibition in person. They are available from the comfort of your chair or couch.

27. 7. 2023

Emil Zatopek in Helsinki

Emil Zátopek, called Ťopek by his athlete wife Dana, is one of the best athletes of all time. During his sports career, he set thirteen world records. He probably gained the greatest fame thanks to his participation in the Olympic Games in Helsinki, since 71 years have passed this year. Here, Zátopek demonstrated an incredible "triathlon", as he won in three disciplines: a 5 km run, a 10 km run, and even a marathon, which he ran for the first time in his life. There are several items related to him on eSbirky, take a look.

20. 7. 2023

The start of the construction of the National museum

On this day 183 years ago, the foundations were dug for the construction of the National Museum, the shape of which arose from the results of an architectural competition organized in 1883. The competition for the design of a new museum building, in which 27 architects participated, was won by Josef Schulz. The ceremonial completion of the finished building took place on May 18, 1891. Artists of the National Theater generation participated in its decoration - sculptors Bohuslav Schnirch, Antonín Wagner and Antonín Popp, and painters Vojtěch Hynais, Václav Brožík and Julius Mařák.

13. 7. 2023

Venus of Dolní Věstonice

On July 13, 1925, a team of archaeologist Karel Absolon discovered a ceramic figurine of a woman from the Young Paleolithic period - the Venus of Dolní Věstonice - in the ash pit in the upper part of the prehistoric site between Dolní Věstonice and Pavlov. The statuette is dated to the period 29,000 – 25,000 BC. and, along with several others, is believed to be the oldest known ceramic figurine in the world.

6. 7. 2023

Jan Hus

This year, 608 years have already passed since the burning of Jan Hus. Reminisce with us about the exhibition of Hussian Uniques in the National Museum organized on the six hundredth anniversary of the event that fundamentally influenced Czech history.

30. 6. 2023

Yahoo, holidays!

It's finally here. Schoolchildren have received their report cards, holidays and summer can finally begin. Wanderings around Czech meadows and groves are an inherent part of it. Tramping was born as early as the First World War, and since then it has been firmly embedded in popular culture and influenced generations of musicians, artists, writers and top athletes.

23. 6. 2023

New top items

Still wondering where to go on vacation this year? Be inspired by the selection of posters from Czech collections that decorate the main pages of our portal.

21. 6. 2023

Music on eSbirky

According to most anthropologists, music is considered a so-called anthropological constant, something that develops in every society, including isolated tribes. The Czech Museum of Music in Malá Strana presents its history and development in several exhibitions. You can also view them online at eSbirky.

15. 6. 2023

Karel Engliš

Just today, 62 years have passed since the death of Karel Engliš, one of the most important economists and politicians of the interwar period. In 1919, he became the first rector of the newly founded Masaryk University, at whose establishment he was one of the initiators. Between 1920 and 1931 he was Minister of Finance, in later years he served as Governor of the Czechoslovak National Bank. In the book of his memoirs, he recounts his memories not only of his childhood, studies and career, but also of personal meetings with leading personalities of the First Republic (T. G. Masaryk, T. Baťa, K. Kramář and others).

9. 6. 2023

International Archives Day

The International Archives Day, like the popular museum nights, has had its permanent place among domestic cultural events for several years. It falls on the 9th and on this occasion, archives throughout the country open their doors to all interested parties with their activities and show the wealth of documents that form an integral part of the cultural heritage. See what events archives near you have prepared.

1. 6. 2023

International Children's day

Today's Children's Day has its roots in Turkey. The first impetus for its establishment came from the defender of national rights, Mustafa Kemal, during the Turkish War of Independence in 1920. However, the recommendation to declare the worldwide celebration of Children's Day took another five years, coming during the World Conference for the Welfare of Children. In Czechoslovakia, this holiday has been commemorated since 1950 until today. Cultural institutions are also taking part in the celebration this year, for example the National Heritage Institute offers visitors under 18 free entry to its monuments.

23. 5. 2023

Papírová ves Exhibition in the Ethnographic Museum of the National Museum

Until the end of May, you have the opportunity to visit the Papírová ves exhibition, which presents rich documentation collections used to learn about traditional folk architecture. The exhibition is one of the outputs of the VISKALIA project (Virtual open-air museum of folk architecture), the aim of which is to digitize and save as many documents as possible about traditional folk buildings standing in Chebsk, Wallachia, Slovakia and other places of the republic.

14. 5. 2023

Mother´s Day

Mother's Day, which in the Czech Republic is always commemorated on the second Sunday of May according to the American model, has been celebrated in various variations for several centuries all over the world. The idea of ​​regular international celebrations came in 1907 in America. In our country, this tradition is younger, it was first remembered in 1923 at the instigation of Alice Masaryková, who promoted the improvement of the social situation and the education of women. After World War II, International Women's Day pushed it into the background, but it was still remembered in some families. Since 1989, it has been celebrated publicly again.

11. 5. 2023

Book World Prague 2023

Don't forget that Book World Prague starts today in Prague's Holešovice. The theme of this year's twenty-eighth year, "Authors without borders", responds to the current time, in which borders - not only physical, but also cultural, social, sexual, genre or political - are becoming less and less clear. Cultural institutions with their publishing activities also participate in the fair every year - the National Museum, the National Technical Museum and others.

1. 5. 2023

First May

It was late evening—the first of May—the evening of May—it was the time of love. This is how the famous poem by Karel Hynek Mácha begins, which probably everyone knows since elementary school. But do you know exactly where in Prague Mach's statue is located and who is its author? And where is Mácha buried? The eSbirky contain a lot of objects related to Mácha, including graphic cycles of his work, where you can find a lot of interesting information.

27. 4. 2023

Jiří of Poděbrady

On this day, 571 years ago, Jiřík of Poděbrady, the future Czech king, was elected as a regional administrator in Prague at the St. George's Assembly. Jiří came from the Poděbrady branch of the noble family of the lords of Kunštát, and as the only Czech monarch did not come from the royal dynasty, but from the feudal status of the domestic nobility. He is known for his efforts to ensure a peaceful coexistence of the Kališniks and Catholics, reminders of his person can be seen in many Czech cities and in visual arts.

21. 4. 2023

The liberation of Czechoslovakia

On these days 78 years ago, the liberation of Czechoslovakia by the American army began. The first American troops entered Czechoslovak territory on April 18, 1945, specifically in Hranice in the region of Aš. Two days later, the Americans also reached Aš, but due to the fact that was inhabited mainly by the German population, they were not welcomed as liberators. From April 24, there was a fight for Cheb - a stronghold of the German army. The fighting lasted two days, although its mayor JUDr. Emil Janka negotiated with Konrád Henlein to hand over the city without a fight, he was refused. The fighting ended on April 26, when the commander of the Chebu defense fell, which subsequently made it possible to sign the capitulation and thus prevent the destruction of the historically valuable city.

13. 4. 2023

Czech Press Photo 2022

The Czech Press Photo is a prestigious journalistic competition that is taking place this year for the 28th time and its aim is to present the most important events of the past year to the public through selected photographs. This year, the expert jury announced eight competition categories, in which authors submitted six thousand images. A selection of the best can be seen in the Historical Building of the National Museum in Prague until the end of July.

10. 4. 2023

Easter tradition

Easter is a period of folk traditions associated with welcoming spring and also the most important Christian holiday, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. These holidays are associated with rich symbolism, the traces of which go back even further - they are inspired by the Jewish Passover, the celebrations of the Celts, the Germans and even the Egyptians. Knitting of whip and colouring eggs, which girls present to boys who come to peel them "so they don't dry out", are among the most widespread customs in our country. The tradition of donating an Easter egg dates back to ancient Egypt. The custom of decorating Easter eggs, on the other hand, only dates back to the second half of the 19th century. Other classic Easter symbols include the lamb, which symbolizes Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for the salvation of mankind, which is why, according to tradition, a lamb is baked in a clay form on Easter. At the beginning of the 20th century, a chocolate bunny and its eggs "traveled" to us all the way from Germany. The hare is a symbol of fertility, life and luck and is associated with Egyptian and Aztec mythology. Did you know that Easter lasts a full 50 days after Easter Monday? It ends with Pentecost, which is characterized by the color purple.

3. 4. 2023

International Bird Day

The first of April is not only a day for April Fools' pranks, but also a day for the protection of birds. The origin of this holiday of all birds of prey is connected with the signing of the international Convention on the Protection of Useful Birds on April 1, 1906. However, it has been commemorated in Austria-Hungary since 1900, thanks to the naturalist and pioneer of nature conservation in Slovakia and Hungary Oto Herman (1835 -1914). In addition to art objects with bird motifs, eSbirky includes several zoological collections, mainly the collection of the National Agricultural Museum in Prague or the Silesian Museum in Opava.

30. 3. 2023

Jan Ámos Komenský in Bohemian art

Jan Ámos Komenský, whose birth has passed 431 years this year, influenced not only Czech education, but also Czech culture and art. His literary work appealed to a number of Czech artists, his works for František Bílek and Jan Konůpek were a frequent subject. Jan Ámos Comenius himself was portrayed by the graphic artist and illustrator Zdeněk Mézl, but we can also find him on the stamp of Bohumil Heinz or on the cut vase of Milena Bartová. A truly unique portrait of J. Hus, J. A. Komenský and K. Havlíček Borovský is represented by an Art Nouveau chatelaine from the collection of the National Museum.

16. 3. 2023

March - Readers' Month

The event called March - Readers' Month has been held every year in March since 2009, and its aim is, among other things, to strengthen the social importance and prestige of reading and to promote the activities of libraries. You can also find library holdings including publications and collections of bookplates, illustrations and postcards on eSbirky. For example, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Jewish Museum or the Slavic Library present their collections here.

8. 3. 2023

International Women's Day

The celebration of International Women's Day has a rather long history. Its creation was initiated by the American Socialist Party in 1909, the fifth anniversary of the New York seamstress strike for women's suffrage, which had taken place a year earlier. It was celebrated for the first time on Czech territory in 1911, and its goal was to promote the right to vote for women. On eSbirky we can find several leaflets and posters commemorating this day in the collection of the Museum of the Labor Movement.

2. 3. 2023


Yesterday, the month of March finally gave its word, which already gives hope for the approaching spring. The eCollections contain several works of art connected by the theme of the first month of spring. Probably the most famous is probably the calendar of Josef Mánes at the Prague Astronomical Clock, which also includes March as a starting work in the field. The second work relating to the same period, on the other hand, illustrates the situation during the revolutionary year 1848 in the streets of Prague.

23. 2. 2023


Ostatky, Fašank or Masopust - these terms refer to the official holiday of feasting and rejoicing before the long, forty-day fast. Part of the carnival celebrations is a parade of masks that goes around the village with music. Carnival celebrations had a long tradition in our country, which is starting to be revived again in some towns and villages.

14. 2. 2023

St. Valentine

Today is the Valentine's Day, which has the greatest tradition in the Anglo-Saxon countries, but in recent years it has started to gain ground in our country as well. Its origin dates back to the times of the Roman Empire - legend says that the bishop St. Valentine was put to death by the emperor Claudius II because, despite the ban, he married the betrothed according to the Christian rite.

10. 2. 2023

The Winter Skiing Games

On those days 85 years ago, the Winter Skiing Games were held in the Vysoke Tatry, which were an integral part of the Sokol festival Games. In addition to the traditional 50 km cross-country race, men's and women's figure skating competitions and a Canadian ice hockey tournament were also held. You can find more unique photos of these games in the physical education and sports collection of the National Museum.

2. 2. 2023

Václav Havel's last day as president

Exactly twenty years ago, Václav Havel spent his last day in the presidential office. He held the office of president from 1989, then as the last Czechoslovak president, and from 1993 as the first president of the Czech Republic. The Institute for Contemporary History at the Academy of Sciences keeps an interesting collection related to the parliamentary elections of June 1990, from which Václav Havel emerged as the presidential candidate of the Civic Forum. He worked at Prague Castle for more than 13 years.

27. 1. 2023

Elections in the past

As early as tomorrow, we will find out who will be the president of the Czech Republic for the next five years. But what did the elections look like in the past? View negatives from the National Museum's collection illustrating elections in the second half of the 20th century. Here we can find an example of elections to the National Assembly in 1948, or elections to representative bodies, which took place, among other things, in the maternity ward. There are also pictures from the presidential elections, specifically from 1948 and 1975.

19. 1. 2023

Music of architecture by Kryštof Dientzenhofer

Did you know that in Malá Strana, on the site of the former church of St. Máří Magdaleny is home to the Czech Museum of Music, which manages 700,000 documents of musical history? If not, we hope that the currently ongoing Kryštof Dientzenhofer's Music of Architecture exhibition will tempt you to visit. One of the most famous Baroque builders, Kryštof Dientzenhofer, whose death has passed 300 years since last year, built palaces, town houses, castles, but mainly churches and monasteries, which have been connected by music since time immemorial. Through period copies, rare prints and new recordings, the exhibition provides an overview of the repertoire of selected locations, in the construction of which K. Dientzenhofer participated. The exhibition lasts only until January 23, so don't delay your visit.

12. 1. 2023

New top items

Christmas and the arrival of the new year are already behind us, but unfortunately we still have a few winter months ahead of us. Enjoy the dreamy waiting for spring together with new top items: the Christmas theme has been replaced by snowy landscapes from domestic collections.

5. 1. 2023

Feast of the Three Kings

Tomorrow is the Feast of the Three Kings, which according to Christian tradition commemorates the arrival of the wise men from the East to the birthplace of Jesus, Bethlehem. One of the oldest depictions of this meeting comes from the 3rd century Roman catacombs. It was also a very popular subject in all the Czech lands, several examples can be found on eSbirky. One of the oldest represents a Gothic tile from Točník Castle, a Swabian woodcarving or an oil painting from Horšovský Týn. Three-king objects were also popular in the countryside, let's remember above all the bas-reliefs on glass from the National Museum.

1. 1. 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

New Year's Eve includes the sending of New Year's cards, associated with the abbreviation PF or pour feliciter. Their spread occurred in the course of the 19th century, and Count Karel Chotek of Chotkov and Vojtín allegedly contributed to their popularization. However, you can send New Year's cards even now, via eSbirky. After selecting a specific object, for example an art nouveau postcard from the Museum of Fine Arts, just fill in your name and the sender's and recipient's email.

24. 12. 2022

Merry Christmas

Year after year, the Christmas holidays are here again. There are a lot of holiday-themed items in the eSbirky, let's at least remind you of the virtual exhibition Dear Bab Jesus, I wish... On behalf of the eSbirky team, we wish you a peaceful and blessed family Christmas and a happy New Year 2023.

13. 12. 2022

St. Lucia

Today is the feast of St. Lucia, which is associated with the so-called Lucky tours. Unfortunately, this tradition is mostly overshadowed by the St. Nicholas offering, which is a great pity. Unlike St. Nicholas, Lucky's group was dressed in off-white cloaks and scraboches with a beak. Their task was to go around all the buildings in the village and check that every corner was properly cleaned. If he wasn't, they threatened miscreants with a broom of twigs. At the same time, they watched to see if the housekeeper did not spin or ruffle feathers, which was forbidden on that day.

5. 12. 2022

St. Nicholas

The Advent season is connected by a whole series of traditions and customs that make waiting for Christmas Day more pleasant. It is no different with the St. Nicholas offering and the figure of St. Nicholas, who performed several miracles. According to one of the legends, he resurrected St. Nicholas three small children who were murdered by an evil innkeeper and put in salted barrels. Another legend, which gave rise to the tradition of the St. Nicholas gift, tells the story of an impoverished nobleman and his three daughters who were saved from working in a public house by St. Nicholas when he threw a bag of gold coins each through the window.

1. 12. 2022

New top items

On the first of December, our website was wrapped in the Advent mood. You guessed it, the top fall items on the main page are now Christmas. See what exhibits associated with the most beautiful holidays are in domestic collections.

27. 11. 2022

First Sunday of Advent

The year has come to an end and we have the first Sunday of Advent, the so-called Iron Sunday. According to tradition, we light the first candle, which is also called the candle of the prophets, on the Advent wreath. At this time, households usually already smell of baked gingerbread and the first sweets. The windows are decorated for Christmas and the children are impatiently looking out for St. Nicolaus and their gift. You will find several types of old gingerbread molds of various shapes in Czech collections, which one will be your favorite?

17. 11. 2022

A velvet revolution in photography

33 years ago today, the so-called Velvet Revolution began, a period of political changes that led to a change in the political regime of what was then Czechoslovakia. The atmosphere of these days, which were non-violent except for the demonstration on Friday 17 November, is illustrated by a set of photographs by Karel Čtveráček from the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec. The images show the situation at Prague's universities during the student strike, gatherings on Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square, the march from Vyšehrad and others.

10. 11. 2022

Virtual exhibition of the Slovak National Uprising

In August 2019, the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising opened a new multimedia exhibition in Banská Bystrica. It is interesting that there are only three physically displayed exhibits in the exhibition, but they are supplemented with a lot of multimedia, including audio recordings of witnesses, video footage or panoramic projection. If you don't have a trip to Slovakia at the moment, it doesn't matter, the exhibition can also be visited online, including all multimedia.

3. 11. 2022

International Savings Day

This week is the half-forgotten International Savings Day, which is a great opportunity to recall some interesting exhibits. The effort to save for worse times has accompanied humanity perhaps since time immemorial, which is evidenced by the diverse collection of objects in Czech museums. Personal cash boxes were made of various materials, tin, metal, brass, porcelain are common, but we can also find clay ones modeled after folk ceramics or a traditional piggy bank. Which one do you have at home?

27. 10. 2022

Open day in the Senate of the Czech Republic

Do you know that tomorrow, October 28, on the occasion of the creation of an independent Czechoslovak state, it will be possible to visit the seat of the Senate in the Valdštejn and Kolovrat palaces? On time, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can view the most beautiful historical spaces, including the Main Hall, the Knight's and Audience Hall or the Mythological Corridor.

20. 10. 2022

Podcasts of Czech museums and galleries

Virtual exhibitions and their tours are nothing new to the contemporary museum world. But did you know that Czech museums and galleries record their own podcasts? In the czech media space, you can find fifteen different audiovisual programs dealing with various topics. Do you love 60s-80s design? In this case, you will be interested in the program of the Retromuseum in Brno. The Gallery of the Capital City of Prague podcast will tell you how the current art scene is doing. Interesting things from the world of Czech agriculture and its technology are presented by the program of the National Agricultural Museum. If you're curious about what's going on in the National Museum, you can't miss the series The Secret of the National Museum.

13. 10. 2022

Get to know the history and nature of Northern Moravia

The collection of virtual tours is constantly growing. This time we invite you to Northern Moravia, specifically to Šumperk, Mohelnice and the Úsov castle. In the first case, Paulína Chiari, the wife of the original owner of the area in which the Šumper museum is located today, will guide you through the exposition of the nature and history of Northern Moravia using the unique GuidePORT technology. A new permanent exhibition of Pravěk Mohelnicka awaits you in Mohelnice. Finally, in Úsov you will find an exposition of domestic fauna and forestry, which was established by Johann II. from Lichtenstějn as early as 1898. You can view the specific exhibits of all three exhibitions at any time at the eSbirky of individual institutions.

6. 10. 2022

Day of Architecture

Autumn has slowly started outside our windows and that means only one thing: at the beginning of October, the traditional Day of Architecture begins. But don't let the name of the festival mislead you, tours of architectural monuments and lectures take place all week from the first weekend in October. From Thursday, October 6 to Sunday, October 9, you have the opportunity to participate in several events: On Thursday, a guided tour of the Trnitá district of Brno or lectures on urban cycling. The weekend offers a tour of the unique hydroelectric plant in Olomouc, a guided tour of the modern architecture of Slaný and much more.

28. 9. 2022

St. Václav on eSbirky

The life and deeds of Prince St. Wenceslas, the Czech saint and main patron of the Czech nation, is a frequent subject of paintings, graphics, and sculptures in Czech art history. Take a look at the extensive set of exhibits with a St. Wenceslas theme, which is available at any time on eSbirky.

23. 9. 2022

The first day of autumn

The first day of autumn is here and with it new, thematically tuned TOP items. See on the main page which exhibits with autumn motifs are on eSbírky.

15. 9. 2022

Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk in the photo

This is what a whole collection of exhibits on eSbirky could be called. However, in addition to the photographs in which President Liberator is directly present, you will also find among the exhibits objects that are indirectly related to TGM. Whether it is photos of the gifts the president received from the Czechoslovak army or pictures of the plants named after him, they all demonstrate the respect and recognition our first president received. Take a look at this diverse collection and remember the great figure of Czech history, whose death has passed 85 years this week.

8. 9. 2022

European Heritage Days

The weekend is approaching, and I'm also dreaming of the annual nationwide European Heritage Days, which this year fall on the week from September 9 to 18. Their ceremonial opening this time will take place in Cheb together with the celebrations of the 700th anniversary of the flag of Chebsk to the Czech kings. From Friday, September 9 to Sunday, September 11, a rich program is therefore prepared, which includes an exhibition of replicas of the crown jewels, art workshops or a videomapping concert. During the entire weekend, it will also be possible to visit unique historic trusses, view Cheb chronicles from the 18th century or the Retromuseum and Fine Arts Gallery, including a rare Gothic monstrance.

1. 9. 2022

Coronation of Charles IV.

Friday 2 September marks 675 years since the coronation of Charles IV. Czech king. See what monuments are on eSbirky. In addition to smaller objects, such as the so-called parvus, or small silver coin, or the confirmation document of Charles IV. for the castle and the city of Děčín, with larger objects commemorating the reign of one of the largest Czechs found in domestic institutions. In the holdings of the National Museum, we can find the original statue of Charles IV. from the Old Town Bridge Tower or a fragment of his funeral robe. The set of depictions of Charles IV is also worth mentioning in the graphic collections of the Royal Canon of Premonstratensians in Strahov.

25. 8. 2022

Castle night

The holidays are slowly coming to an end, unfortunately we won't change that, but before they end we would like to draw your attention to one event that is definitely worth visiting. On Saturday, August 27, the traditional Castle Night takes place at the premises of the National Monument Institute. The program is very diverse, from costumed tours in Nové Hrady or tours of normally inaccessible areas in Konopiště, there is something for everyone.

18. 8. 2022

Otto Wichterle – the father of contact lenses and nylons

Today we commemorate the death of one of our most important scientists, Otto Wichterle. Perhaps already in elementary school, he learns that he invented the contact lens, while he created the machine for their production at home using a Merkur kit and a dynamo from a bicycle. But did you know that his invention of lenses is also related to his other discovery - syllon fiber?

11. 8. 2022

140 years since the establishment of the first telephone exchange in Prague

140 years ago today, the first telephone exchange in Prague started operating. This happened at the instigation of the son of František Palacký Jan, a geographer and member of the estate curia, who initiated the creation of the Prague telephone business. The switchboard was located on Malé náměstí in Richtrová dům, and in the first year around ten interested parties subscribed to telephone services. You can learn more about the history of telephony in the Postal Museum and eSbirky.

4. 8. 2022

The Bread and Butter exhibition

In the last two years, a new trend has entered Czech households: baking homemade bread. Classic sourdough, rye, seed or potato bread is baked. Do you know, but what did bread baking look like four centuries ago? What tools were used or how long did it take to knead the dough itself? You will find out about this and much more at the exhibition Chleba s maslem in the Ethnographic Museum, which lasts only until August 28.

28. 7. 2022

New virtual exhibition

We would like to draw your attention to a new virtual exhibition on eSbírky. This time he is dedicated to the fine art of the Ukrainian emigration, whose extensive collection can be found in the Slavic Library of the National Library of the Czech Republic. Our virtual exhibition includes selected works from more than thirty artists. Here you will find portraits, drawings with war motifs, designs for posters, invitations or theater decorations.

21. 7. 2022

Personality of Czech lace Emílie Paličková Mildeová

On Saturday, 49 years will pass since the death of one of the most famous lacemakers, Emilie Paličková Mildeová (1892–1973). During her work at the Státí ústav školský in Prague she created unique lace works, including both small home textiles and a large multi-figured panel, which achieved many successes, including both here and abroad. You can get to know her work through the collection of the Vyšší odborné školy textilních řemesel a Střední umělecké školy textilních řemesel in Prague,which is available on eSbirky.

14. 7. 2022

Anniversary of the consecration of the Marian Column on the Old Town Square in Prague

Today's news is also related to the Charles Bridge, the anniversary of which we commemorated the start of construction last week. This week 370 years ago, the completed Marian Column was consecrated on the Old Town Square by Cardinal Arnošt of Harrach, the 13th Archbishop of Prague. The consecration was attended by Emperor Ferdinand III, on whose instructions the column was erected. The column stood in its place until November 3, 1918, when it was pulled down and irreversibly damaged by an enraged mob. Reminisce about the former beauty of the Marian Column through its fragments preserved in the Lapidarium of the National Museum.

7. 7. 2022

Laying of the foundation stone of the Charles Bridge

Saturday, July 9, marks the anniversary of the alleged laying of the foundation stone of the Charles Bridge by Emperor Charles IV himself. According to a speculative hypothesis created only in the 20th century by the astronomer Zdenek Horský, the symbolic start of its construction took place on July 9, 1357 at 5:31 am. Whatever it was in reality, it is certain that the Charles Bridge is the second oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic and has survived several moving and joyful events in Czech history during its history. Take a look with us at historical photos and other depictions of the Charles Bridge in past centuries, including its unique sculptural decoration.

30. 6. 2022

Anniversary of the Sarajevo assassination

One hundred and eight years ago, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Franz Ferdinand d'Este (1863-1914), was assassinated in Sarajevo. The nephew of Emperor and King František Josef I was, among other things, very fond of hunting, for which he bought the Konopiště castle, which he subsequently had rebuilt into one of the most modern residences in the monarchy. Here he spent most of the year with his wife, Duchess Žofia of Hohenberg (née Chotková), who also succumbed to the assassination attempt in Sarajevo.

23. 6. 2022

European music day

European Music Day was established in 1981 at the instigation of former French Minister of Culture Jack Lang. This Europe-wide holiday is dedicated to music and all those who do it, and at the same time it is a perfect opportunity to view the collections with a music theme. The Czech Museum of Music in Prague's Lesser Town and its collections, or the online music fund of the Moravian Regional Library in Brno, numbering over 6,700 old music prints and almost 2,500 musical manuscripts, should not escape your attention.

16. 6. 2022

New virtual tours

Have you seen the new virtual tours? At the end of the year, we informed you that the eSbirky have expanded to include a new section that offers a tour of the museum's exhibitions in 3D. At present, you can walk, for example, the Regional Museum in Teplice or the permanent exhibition of the South Bohemian Museum in České Budějovice, and we can promise you that further virtual tours will follow soon.

9. 6. 2022

Church Night and Open Gardens Weekend

With the new week, we have a tip for you for other cultural events. This time there are even two big festivals that are definitely worth a visit. The traditional Night of Churches begins on Friday, June 10, and offers the opportunity to visit not only churches but also crypts, prayer houses, monasteries and towers in the night light. The second event of the open gardens is the whole weekend from June 10 to 12. Until this year, 235 gardens and parks from all over the country are participating.

2. 6. 2022

Museum nights festival

These days, the Museum Nights Festival is taking place for the eighteenth time, which allows visitors to experience the museum and gallery in a completely different light. In addition to tours of permanent exhibitions and exhibitions, a number of accompanying and cultural programs are offered. A record 601 institutions and 178 cities from all over the country applied for this year. See what program is prepared in Pilsen, Roztoky near Prague, Olomouc or Hradec Králové. A list of all registered institutions can be found on the official website of the festival.

26. 5. 2022

The antique vases from the Podřipské Museum are now in 3D

The collection of antique vases exhibited in the Podřipský Museum in Roudnice nad Labem was the first in the Czech Republic to be converted into digital form. In a project supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Center for the Documentation and Digitization of Cultural Heritage of the Department of History of the Faculty of Arts of the Faculty of Arts of UJEP, the Institute of Historical Sciences of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pardubice, the Podřipské Museum and the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague joined forces, which permanently loaned the vases to the Podřipský Museum. You can see how the whole project went here.

18. 5. 2022

International Museum Day

Every year, the spring months are associated with days celebrating the world's cultural heritage, monuments and museums. This week is no different, when Wednesday 18 May is International Museum Day, the theme of which this year is "The Power of Museums". The International Council of Museums ICOM defines museum institutions as "irreplaceable places of knowledge that teach us about the past and open our eyes to new ideas...".  Countless cultural institutions are joining in the celebrations and can be visited for free on this day. At the same time, the Open House Prague festival is also taking place this week, making 101 normally inaccessible buildings accessible. Whether you decide to celebrate International Museum Day by visiting a museum exhibit or an inaccessible building, we hope you have a great time.

12. 5. 2022

Folk faith

For many centuries, faith has taken an irreplaceable place in human life. It illuminated the functioning of the world, offering stability, protection and hope in uncertain times. Through a new virtual exhibition, look into the diverse spiritual life of rural people in the 18th and 19th centuries and discover part of the National Museum's extensive ethnographic collections.

5. 5. 2022

The Prague uprising

77 years ago, on May 5, 1945, an uprising broke out against the German occupation in our capital. The uprising began on May 5 at six o'clock in the morning after the Czech Radio broadcast, which was broadcast by the announcer Zdeněk Mančala in a provocative Czech-German language. Recall with us five days of hard fighting in the territory of Prague through negatives in the collection of modern Czech history of the National Museum.

28. 4. 2022

World Graphics Day

This week is World Graphics Day, so we would like to draw attention to the unique graphic collection of the Royal Canonry of the Premonstratensian Order in Strahov. A unique collection of several thousand drawings and graphic sheets was part of the Strahov Library until the liquidation of the monastery in 1950, when the collection was divided between the National Literature Memorial, the National Museum and other institutions. After restitution in the 1990s, about half of the collection, which includes 50,000 works, has returned to the canonry, and since 2020 it has been gradually made available on eSbirky. Thanks to this, you can view portraits of important personalities from the 17th to the 19th century, a rich set of devotional graphics and many other interesting works.

21. 4. 2022

International Day of Monuments and Sites

The celebrations of the International Day of Monuments and Settlements will take place on Saturday, April 23. In addition to museums and galleries from all over the country, the National Heritage Institute with its facilities also regularly participates in this cultural holiday. The program is very diverse, you can take special castellan tours of Grabštejn Castle or Zlatá Koruna Monastery, or see the otherwise inaccessible areas of Šternberk Castle. Other facilities are planned for thematic lectures, spring markets, exhibitions and other events. However, if you still decide to stay at home, you can also view the items of Czech castles and chateaux online at eSbirky.

14. 4. 2022

Easter baking

The Easter holidays, like the Christmas holidays, are inextricably linked with a richly set table full of all kinds of sweet and savory goodies. Traditional Easter dishes are well illustrated in the Czech collections of preserved baking molds and other kitchen utensils. The most famous dish - lamb made of sweet dough - was originally baked on White Saturday by people who could not afford lamb. The cheese could also be in the shape of a lamb. On White Saturday, there was also a mazanec, symbolizing the shape of the spring sun. We cannot forget the jidáše, prepared for the Ugly Wednesday, which symbolize Judas' death by hanging. Gingerbreads or other sweet pastries also had different shapes, on which both ceramic and wooden molds were used.

7. 4. 2022

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

This week we are celebrating International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, which was first announced in 2013. Sport is celebrated as a unique tool for uniting people, helping to overcome both ethnic, religious and social differences. Remind yourself of this day with us thanks to the unique collection of physical education and sports managed by the National Museum. Through thousands of photos, you can view shots from domestic races, as well as from the Olympics or Sokol rallies. In addition, you must not miss the extensive collection of trophies, sports equipment or clothing.

31. 3. 2022

Folk architecture in the collections of the National Museum Archives

The archives of the National Museum keep in their collections an extensive collection of photographic documentation of folk culture, which is the result of the work of several generations of museum ethnographers. In the new virtual exhibition, we will present you unique images of folk architecture from this collection in all its forms.

24. 3. 2022

Vaclav Hollar in the Zabreh Museum

The eSbirky is an endless virtual gallery which, in addition to photographs or printed matter, also presents reproductions of works of art and handicrafts. One of the unique ensembles is a series of prints by the world-famous artist Václav Hollar in the collection of the Zábřeh Museum. The second largest collection of Hollar's work in the country, right after the collection in the National Gallery, includes a wide range of themes: portraits, personifications, architectural monuments, views and much more.

17. 3. 2022

Czech Cubism and Pavel Janak on eSbirky

When Cubism arose in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century in response to the decorativeness of Art Nouveau, few people knew what a response it would gain among artists in the Czech lands. Cubist morphology has been used here in sculpture, painting, applied art and even architecture. One of the representatives of Cubism was also Pavel Janák, an architect, theorist and designer whose 130 years have just passed.

10. 3. 2022

They plowed the borders or the Czech countryside in the 1950s

The 1950s are also synonymous with great changes for the Czech countryside. In the name of building united agricultural cooperatives, common pig farms or poultry farms, large-scale farms and small farmers' land were occupied in the countryside. You can see the impact of collectivization on village life, the position of women, the change of cultural and spiritual ties and finally the landscape itself in a new virtual exhibition from the Collection of the Museum of the Workers' Movement Department of Modern Czech History.

8. 3. 2022

International Women´s Day

Today is International Women's Day, and on this occasion we would like to commemorate several artists who played a significant role in shaping Czech applied art. It is definitely worth mentioning Marie Fischerová Kvěchová and her collection of posters and illustrations, as well as the work of Minka Podhajská. In textile art, we cannot omit the lace master of Emilie Paličková Mildeová and her pupil Božena Rothmayerová. In the end, we kept the Art Nouveau pottery of Anna Boudová Suchardová, the sister of the sculptor Stanislav Sucharda and the glass artist Jiřina Pastrnková.

21. 2. 2022

International Day of Travel Guides

Today is the International Day of Travel Guides, and although we will wait a while for the opening of Czech monuments, we can look into them now. The eSbirky have exhibits of more than a hundred monuments, which are in the care of the National Heritage Institute. Whether you are going on a virtual tour of late Gothic wood carvings from the monastery in Kladruby, a collection of portraits to the chateau in Velké Losiny or an arts and crafts at the Kozel chateau, we believe that you will not be bored.

14. 2. 2022

St. Valentine's Day

For today, we have prepared a little surprise for you: TOP items with a Valentine's theme. You can use individual posters as wishes, which can be sent via e-mail or Messenger worldwide via the "share" icon. And if St. You don't celebrate Valentine's Day, so don't be sad. The ability to send photos of items from the eSbirky works all year round.

10. 2. 2022

Max Švabinský (1873-1962)

We will continue to commemorate important personalities in our history this year and start this week. Sixty years ago, the versatile artist Max Švabinský (1873-1962) died. His shot was admirable - he devoted himself to oil painting, line drawing, drawing, watercolor, lithography and other techniques. He designed posters, stamps, stained glass, mosaics, created caricature. In addition to these works, his other well-known work is a portrait of Sidonie Nádherná, the last owner of the Vrchotovy Janovice chateau, which is managed by the National Museum.

27. 1. 2022

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, commemorating the suffering of Jews, Roma, homosexuals and other innocent victims during World War II. The Prague Jewish Museum offers a closer acquaintance with their destinies in its online exhibitions.The Terezín Collection exhibition provides an insight into the Terezín ghetto through original documents, and an online presentation To fight with prayer tells the story of Hanuš Rezek, who worked as a field rabbi of the Czechoslovak foreign army in the Middle East and later in Great Britain.

20. 1. 2022

Vilém Slavata of Clum and Košumberk on eSbírky

We learn about the Prague defenestration in 1618, which stood at the beginning of the Thirty Years' War, already in primary school, and it is often one of the few events that we will unite with this ongoing conflict. But how do we imagine such defenestration? The painter Karel Svoboda tried to portray this dramatic scene, who also depicted the Supreme Chancellor Vilém Slavata of Chlum and Košumberk, who died exactly 370 years ago.
6. 1. 2022

New exhibition from the archive of ethnography

The set of virtual exhibitions on eSbirky is constantly growing. The last exhibition, which expanded the current offer, presents the unique documentary material of the Ethnographic Department of the National Museum. Thirty-eight glass negatives offer an insight not only into the traditional rural society of the last century in Czechoslovakia, but also into the events of its capital. Digitization of images is part of the IROP project, thanks to which you can view the vonline version and we can already promise you that you will soon see more exhibitions of negatives from this project.

1. 1. 2022

Happy New Year!

The team of the eSbirky portal wishes you a happy new year full of art and culture! On this occasion, we have prepared a small gift for you - new top items with the theme of the arrival of the new year.
31. 12. 2021

Pour féliciter 2022

If you did not manage to send out New Year's wishes in the pre-Christmas rush, do not panic. On the eSbirky you will find countless New Year's cards from renowned authors, which you can send electronically all over the world.

24. 12. 2021

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas holidays should be a time of peace and contemplation in the family circle. If you are buying carp or decorating a tree at the last minute and you are missing the Christmas mood, we recommend that you take a look at the eSbirky. The collection of the Museum of Applied Arts has an extensive collection of Christmas postcards and posters that will put you on the right Christmas note. On behalf of the eSbirky, we wish you a blessed Christmas holidays full of peace and quiet.

20. 12. 2021

Virtual tours now on eSbirky

Have you noticed that eSbirky are still growing? Now you can take a so-called virtual tour, which allows you to view museum exhibits in 3D. So come on in!

16. 12. 2021

Jan Kotěra 150

"Not only the founder and artistic representative of modern Czech architecture, a great artist and a rare teacher, but also an undying worker, a dedicated friend and organizer of artistic life leave him too soon." With these words, in 1923, the editors of the Veraikon magazine recalled Jan Kotěra, the author of the project of the Hradec Králové Museum, the Barbo Villa of the Kramářs, the Faculty of Law in Prague and other buildings in the Czech Republic and abroad. This week, exactly 150 years have passed since the birth of this architect, an urban planner and designer who fundamentally influences Czech architecture in the 20th century.

9. 12. 2021

Anniversary of the death of the painter Josef Mánes

On Thursday, December 9, 150 years will pass since the death of Josef Mánes (1820-1871), one of the most important painters of Czech Romanticism. During his artistic work, in addition to portrait and landscape painting, which can also be found in Prague at the Old Town Astronomical Clock or in the Karlín Church, he also devoted himself to illustrations and graphics. Let's name, for example, the standard and costumes for the Sokol gym association or the modern exlibris, which Mánes designed for his friend Vojtěch, Knight Lanna. The significance of Mánes' work is confirmed by the fact that his bust is part of the Pantheon of the National Museum. You can see what Josef Mánes and other personalities of the Pantheon who contributed to the development of Czech culture looked like here.

5. 12. 2021

Saint Nicholas

Eve of St. Nicholas is traditionally associated with the beats of the heavenly trinity. However, its arrangement was not always as we know it today: in earlier times, St. Nicholas is part of a large procession of masks, in which Death was often present. Group of St. Nicholas, an angel and a devil  has been giving independently since the 19th century. We have also prepared a gift for you in the form of a new selection of top items. Enjoy it!

25. 11. 2021

New virtual exhibition History of the 20th Century

How many decorations adorned the uniform of František Ferdinand d´Este when he was hit by the bullet of the assassin Gavril Princip? Where did the borders of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia end? You will find the answer to these and other questions in the new virtual exhibition! The selection of the most interesting objects from our modern history complements the new permanent exhibition History of the 20th Century. This unique exhibition, expanded by countless interactive elements and film materials, can be found in the New Building of the National Museum. 

18. 11. 2021

National Theater fire

This week, in addition to the anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, we also commemorate another important event. Exactly 138 years ago, the National Theater was reopened. This happened after a devastating fire that engulfed the building on August 12, 1881. The fire was perceived as a nationwide catastrophe and caused the establishment of a new collection to restore the theater. Within two years, the theater was restored under the direction of architect Josef Schulz, and the first performance after the fire was Smetana's Libuše. Remind us on the eSbirky of this interesting milestone in our history.

11. 11. 2021

St. Martin's Day

November 11 is traditionally associated with monitoring the weather forecast and the question of whether or not St. Martin will come on a white horse. Unfortunately, we don't know if we will see this year, but while looking out the snow, you can look at this popular saint in a different light: depicted by the technique of underpainting on glass. This specific way of painting on a glass plate began to appear in our country from the second half of the 18th century, most often near glassworks in the border area. On the eSbirky you will find a large collection of underpaintings from several museums.

28. 10. 2021

Establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic

On Thursday, for the third time, we commemorate the meeting of the delegation of the National Committee with representatives of the anti-Austrian foreign resistance, which resulted in the establishment of an independent Czechoslovak Republic. For this anniversary, you will find a lot of items on the eSbirky. Whether you are interested in the leading personalities of Czechoslovakia, the political situation, culture and everyday life, everyone will come to their own. From personal funds, we recommend the fund of the First Prime Minister Karel Kramář, which includes photos from his public activities, as well as from family life. The history of everyday life is well illustrated by an extensive collection of textiles and fashion as well as a collection of posters, which also documents cultural events in the republic.

21. 10. 2021

Slavonic Library now on eSbirky

As of today, we have expanded the set of virtual exhibitions with another extraordinary collection from the collection of the institution newly connected to the eSbirky portal. This time, with the help of unique photographs and line drawings from the collections of the Slavonic Library, we will introduce you to nature, the everyday life of the inhabitants, folk customs and crafts in Galicia, Subcarpathian Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Do not hesitate and set out with us on a journey through time to the beginning of the 20th century to the untouched landscape of the Slavic nations.

14. 10. 2021

Exhibition of Modern book covers from the Museum Library

Following the recent ex libris exhibition, the National Museum presents other works of art related to book culture: the exhibition Modern book covers from the Museum Library begins on Friday 15 October. The exhibition prepared by the Book Culture Department of the Library of the National Museum will present, through selected works, various approaches of artists to the creation of book covers across one century. Many of the exhibited works are original models for book covers created by renowned Czech artists. You can see, for example, the works of Ondřej Sekora, Josef Lada, Josef Vodrážka, Jaroslav Hořánek, Václav Kabát, Dana Puchnarová and others. You can also find the works of some of the representatives on the eSbirky. The exhibition is complemented by examples of author's printing blocks - both linocut and woodcut, and examples of books with covers referring to the presented originals.

11. 10. 2021

For books, for collection, for joy.

Have you seen our new virtual exhibition? It presents the current work of Czech exlibrists and complements the exhibition of the same name in the National Museum. If you did not have time to visit it in person, do not despair, you can view its virtual version anytime and anywhere.

7. 10. 2021

Memorial Falconry Day

On Friday, October 8, we commemorate the memorable Falconry Day, which is a tribute to all the members of Sokol who sacrificed themselves in the fight for the freedom and democracy of our republic. The largest and most successful gym association in Czech history was founded in 1862 by Miroslav Tyrš and Jindřich Fügner. In addition to a great contribution to Czech and Slovak physical education, its members were significantly involved during both world wars. You can get acquainted in more detail with the history of Sokol through the eSbirky, which have a rich collection of objects with Sokol themes.

30. 9. 2021

International Coffee Day

The first day of October has been International Coffee Day for more than thirty years. In addition to celebrating this popular drink, its initiators are also trying to draw attention to the difficult conditions of coffee growers through the Fair Trade movement. The entire production process, from the bean to a cup of delicious drink, including the pitfalls that accompany the grower, is being reconstructed by the Coffee Museum in Prague's Letná. His collections also include a variety of coffee accessories, including jars, grinders and roasters and trays.

23. 9. 2021

Běchovice plant

The fact that sports competitions are an integral part of Czech history is proven for more than a century by the event of the coming weekend. On Sunday, September 26, the 124th year of the legendary Prague - Běchovice race will start. This unique race has been running continuously since 1897 and was not made possible by both world wars. You can find out what this race looked like in its beginnings thanks to photos from the collection of physical education and sports of the National Museum.

16. 9. 2021

Sun kings

Only until the end of September do you have the opportunity to visit the unique exhibition of the Sun Kings in the National Museum. The unique exhibition presents the greatest archaeological discoveries of Czech Egyptologists in the ancient royal burial ground in Abusir in the north of Egypt, and its implementation has been awaited for several years. In addition to objects from the collections of the National Museum, the exhibition also includes exhibits from world museums, some of which are on loan for the first time abroad. Therefore, do not hesitate and get to know the culture and art of the Sun Kings on your own.

9. 9. 2021

European Heritage Days

The beginning of autumn is inextricably linked to a variety of cultural events, and the second week in September, when the European Heritage Days take place from 11 to 19 September, will be no exception. Although this year's theme is Monuments for All, due to the uncertain epidemiological situation, more institutions could not participate in the event. Nevertheless, you can view their collections from the comfort of your home via the eSbirky portal. You can virtually visit, for example, the Gallery of Modern Art in Roudnice nad Labem, the National Technical Museum or the Silesian Museum and other institutions. 

2. 9. 2021

Volleyball century

Only until the end of October you have the opportunity to visit the exhibition "Volleyball Century", which was prepared by the National Museum in cooperation with the Czech Volleyball Association on the occasion of celebrating 100 years since the founding of the first volleyball organization in our country. You can get acquainted with selected exhibits from the comfort of your home through our new virtual exhibition.

26. 8. 2021

Johann Wolfgang Goethe's Birthday

On Thursday, August 28, 272 years will pass since the birth of the world-famous poet, novelist and playwright Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749 - 1832). In addition to his rich literary work, which you can recall through illustrations by Petr Dilinger from the collection of the Library of the National Museum, JW Goethe also devoted himself to science, geology and mineralogy. The last of the mentioned sciences was actively involved during his visits to West Bohemian spas. Here, in addition to medical procedures, he went on nature trips to explore the local mineral wealth. The mineral named in his honor, goethite, as well as other minerals not only from Karlovy Vary are concentrated in the mineralogical-petrological collection of the Natural History Museum.

19. 8. 2021

Connection of the Ústí Region to the eSbirky

We are very pleased to inform you about the connection of another region to the eCollection portal. The collection items of museums and galleries from all over the country have recently expanded the exhibits of contributory institutions established by the Ústí nad Labem Region. The most represented institution in Ústí nad Labem on our portal is the Regional Museum in Teplice. The museum has a variety of collections: admirers of small book brands, or ex libris, as well as lovers of domestic and foreign paintings and sculptures of the 20th century will find something to their liking. An interesting feature of the museum is a collection of models of mushrooms in northwestern Bohemia created according to nature by Stanislav Lánský of Náchod.

12. 8. 2021

Inscription of the spa triangle on the UNESCO list of monuments

In recent days, the Czech media has reported on the inscription of the world-famous spa triangle on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Three Czech cities - Františkovy Lázně Mariánské Lázně and Karlovy Vary, together with eight other European spas, have thus received exclusive protection for their unique architectural monuments and the phenomenon of spa culture, which they have been developing for several centuries. The discovery of mineral springs and the use of mineral waters due to their healing effects has been documented in our territory since the 15th century. The greatest expansion of spa culture in the Czech lands dates back to the beginning of the 18th to the 20th century. At this time, the stay in the spa was not only a medical but also a social event. It  was recommended to supplement the treatment with frequent walks both in the cities themselves and in the nature that surrounded them. Therefore, the improvement of the spa surroundings was connected with the construction of promenades, parks and gardens with small buildings and viewpoints or sports grounds. The selection of subjects above in the header also refers to such an important event as the inscription of Czech spas on the UNESCO list. The selected exhibits illustrate well the activities and objects that belonged to the treatment stay.
24. 7. 2021

Alfons Mucha

Today, it is exactly 161 years since one of the defining artists of Czech painting and at the same time the most important painter of the European Art Nouveau -  Alfons Mucha - came to this world  . A native of the Moravian town of Ivančice, he was born on July 24, 1860, and as is sometimes the case, he was first rejected "for lack of talent" when applying to study at the Prague Academy. However, Mucha did not have to wait long for recognition  - he achieved immediate fame in Paris at the end of 1894, when he accepted an order to create a poster for the then most famous actress, Sarah Bernhardt. The World's Fair in Paris in 1900 was subsequently marked by his distinctive "Art Nouveau". Color lithographs from the collection of the Regional Museum in Chrudim they are a clear proof of the versatility of this artist, whose name was also borne by other artistic fields  - from sculpture, through photography to theater.

18. 5. 2021

International Museum Day

May 18 is the International Museum Day, which involves museums around the world. ICOM (International Council of Museums) - has chosen the theme "The Future of Museums: Renewal and Co-discovery" for 2021. The topic also refers to the digital transformation that the world of museums and galleries has undergone over the past year. Since their inception, eCollections have used digital tools to preserve, collect and present museum collections. Look through them at how the cultural legacy of the past connects with the digital future. New virtual exhibition  Virtual Cabinet of Curiosities presents works related to the predecessors of building collections in the time of Rudolfinian Prague. You can also create a virtual cabinet of curiosities inspired by this concept from objects published on eCollections. Register for free in the upper right corner of the web portal and add your favorites to the "My Items" section. What would your cabinet of curiosities look like?

9. 5. 2021

Mother's day

We celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May. This holiday was popularized in the 1920s by the founder of the  Czechoslovak Red Cross,  Alice Masaryková, the daughter of the first president of the Czechoslovak Republic,  Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk . The symbol of motherhood and the role of the mother has been depicted since time immemorial in the visual arts. The emotional bond between a mother and her child is one of the most common iconographic types of the  Virgin Mary, who holds her child, Jesus  in her hands. This motif has also been transcribed into modern sculpture. The statues of  Josef Mařatek ,  Ladislav Janouch  and  Jindřich Tockstein  depict the mother and child in various forms and materials such as marble, marl and glass. Portrait photography by Josef Váchal they capture not only the artist's relationship with his mother, but also her forms of aging. Václav Rabas also painted his mother's painterly portrait in the  Study of the Portrait of the Mother . The bond these artists have captured reminds us how important it is for a person to have respect for the dedication and care of motherhood.

29. 4. 2021

International Dance Day

On the occasion of the International Day of Dance, which is celebrated on the birthday of the creator of the modern ballet Jean-Georges Noverre, various dance and performative performances take place around the world. At the eCollections, you can be inspired by dance motifs on photographs, paintings and sculptures in the collections of Czech museums and galleries. Will it be a sculpture of a dance ensemble in the musical tempo of rondo, or "Death and the Peasant", depicting the finiteness of life in the spirit of the memento mori? The Art Nouveau allegory of the dance of the painter Ludvík Vacátek, on the other hand, is a challenge to joy and a celebration of the freedom of youth. Similarly, the illustration of Václav Fiala's folk dance from the book "Mouthpiece and Other Ještěd Pictures" shows the dance of a girl and a boy in love. A short selection of forms of dance throughout history concludes with the Dance of Women during the Czechoslovak Spartakiad in 1955, which is a symbol of the ideal of socialist collectivization.
22. 4. 2021

Earth Day

Earth Day is held on April 22. The day's environmental initiative originated with left-wing activists in the 1970s in America. At present, his message is very topical, especially in the challenge of  environmental protection . In the past, natural wealth was depicted in the form of  allegories of the elements , or the  allegory of the female figure of the  earth and  agriculture . It symbolized a rich harvest and abundance. In the second half of the 20th century, environmental ideas in the visual arts became more widespread. Czech artists feature  abstract paintings  and  sculptures  referring to the theme of the country's expression. The motives of nature protection were also significantly reflected in  photography. This is evidenced by the  ecologically focused  cycle of black-and-white photographs by  photographer Vojtěch Bartek entitled " My Country ", which captures the appearance of the  industrially burdened Ostrava landscape  from the late 1970s.

14. 4. 2021

Czech jewelry inspired by distant regions

The new virtual exhibition  "Jewelery from the Neiger Brothers' Workshop"  will reveal to you the extraordinary beauty of jewelry made in the family workshop in Jablonec nad Nisou before World War II. The fate of its creators  -  siblings Norbert Max and Moritz Max  -  ended tragically in a concentration camp in occupied Poland. However, their unusual jewelery  -  inspired by non-European decor  -  has been preserved and is now stored in the collection of the Náprstek Museum.


8. 4. 2021

International Roma Day

April 8 was declared International Roma Day at the Fourth Congress of the International Romani Union in 1990. This day is a living reminder of Roma culture and traditions and a call to protect and promote human rights. With this mission, the Museum of Romani Culture was also founded in 1991  , which presents Romani cultural heritage in a spirit of tolerance and mutual understanding, and whose collection items can also be found in digital form on eCollections. From the section of visual art, the painting of the academic painter Bohumila Doleželová , whose motif is Roma community life, is interesting  . Another characteristic work is a  painting by Rudolf Dzurk . The distinctive features of the Romany way of life also includes  nomadism. In the eCollections you can also see the specific look of Romani clothes and  accessories , specifically the  decorated men's village here  or a  replica of a colorful women's blouse  worn by the important Romani writer Luminita Cioaba. Characteristic elements of Romani culture in the form of music, singing and dancing are also captured in a  painting  from the  Rabas Gallery in Rakovník,  or in an  illustration or a  period postcard  from the  Library of the National Museum . The story of Romani culture dates back to ancient India, through the arrival in Europe, the tragic events of the Romani Holocaust to this day and represents a rich history of their tangible and intangible heritage.

1. 4. 2021

History and traditions of Easter holidays

Easter is a period of pagan folk traditions associated with the welcome of spring and also the most important Christian holiday, a celebration of the  resurrection of Jesus Christ . These holidays are associated with rich symbolism, whose traces go even further - they are inspired by the Jewish  Passover , the celebrations of the Celts, Germans and even Egyptians. Knitting pomlázek  and  coloring eggs , which girls give to boys who go to  peel them, "so that they do not dry out", are among the most common maintained habits. The tradition of giving an Easter egg dates back to ancient Egypt. Usually decorated with Easter eggs, comes only from the second half of the 19th century. Other classic Easter symbols include the lamb, which represents the symbol of Jesus Christ as a sacrifice for the salvation of the world. According to tradition, the Easter lamb is baked for Easter  in the form  of burnt clay. At the beginning of the 20th century, a chocolate bunny and its eggs "came" to us from Germany. The hare  is a symbol of fertility, life and happiness and is associated with Egyptian and Aztec mythology. Did you know that Easter still lasts for 50 days after Easter Monday? It ends at Pentecost, which is characterized by the symbolic color of purple.


22. 3. 2021

World Water Day

In 1993, March 22 was declared World Water Day by the United Nations. Its purpose was to draw attention to the fact that more than a billion people in the world suffer from or have difficulty accessing drinking water. On the eCollections, you can see what forms  of water extraction  were used in the 19th century and can still be in third world countries. Historical photographs from ethnographic collections show what water carriers  and  sellers  looked like   on the streets of  Egypt  and  Venezuela . What was the shape of the structure for  pumping water from the well  to irrigate the fields and the  rocker . And also, as with long voyages pumped water through cattle  in Asia. You can see a view of the  path for water  from the original population in the USA and how water was carried by  women on their heads in spherical vessels  from distant springs.


8. 3. 2021

International Women's Day

MDŽ is celebrated every year on March 8 for more than 40 years, since this day was declared an international holiday by the UN organization. At the same time, it is the anniversary of the events of 1908, when a strike by American seamstresses broke out in New York for better working conditions. In Czechoslovakia, the holiday was used to  represent communist ideology . On  period posters  , women are portrayed as strong and emancipated workers. At present, the topic of the equal status of women in society is still relevant. Therefore, on this day we can recall, for example, the  role of women , across the spectrum of their  ethnic  and  historical  forms captured in photographs.


14. 2. 2021

St Valentine's day

The origins of Valentine's Day date back to the Roman Empire. Legend has it that it bears the name of Bishop  Valentine , who secretly married couples in love despite the ban on Emperor Claudius II. In Roman martyrology, his feast is celebrated on February 14. But it can also be associated with the day of pagan celebrations of the goddess Juno, the Roman protector of marriage and fertility, which is linked to mid-February. On the eCollections you can see a series of  portraits of  Bishop  Valentine's Day  from the book "Images and Short Lives of the Writings of the Slave and Friends of God" from 1817 from the collections of the Royal Canonry of the Premonstratensian Order in Strahov.  The  sculptor Matyáš Bernard Braun portrayed the goddess Juno in a work that decorated the corner of one of Prague's houses in the 18th century. Today it is in the collections of the National Museum.


15. 1. 2021

The legacy of Jan Palach

On January 16, exactly 51 years will have passed since Jan Palach, a student of the Faculty of Arts, set himself on fire in Wenceslas Square in protest of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops in early 1969. His death evoked not only respect and admiration in society, but also a number of reactions. In the virtual exhibition  Reflections on Palach's Act in Material Culture  , you can see the collection items of the National Museum, which are connected in various ways to this important Palach act.


6. 1. 2021


With the new year comes a new beginning. The symbol of the Christian tradition is the coming of the deity of his empire: the Feast of the Revelation of the Lord. This depicts in iconography as the worship of the Three Kings, sages from the East born to Jesus. On eCollections you will find this image in various techniques and styles. A Renaissance triptych  from the collections of the Červené Poříčí State Castle, a  window target  from the 17th century from the National Museum,  painting on glass  from the workshop of painter Vincenz Janke, graphics from the  Royal Canonry of the Premonstratensian Order  in Strahov, or a  glass figurine from the  Municipal Museum in Železný Brod. Epiphany or revelation is also associated with the tradition of blessing the abode, whether the new year brings peace and tranquility to its inhabitants.


24. 12. 2020

Merry Christmas and PF 2021

"Peaceful Christmas and good luck in the New Year!" Christmas and New Year greetings have been sent by mail since the mid-19th century. Their origins date back to the Victorian era of Great Britain. Civil servant Sir Henry Cole had the first commercial postcard made by artist John Callcott Horsley. You can recall this tradition at eCollections by sending an electronic postcard. For example, you can choose from traditional  Christmas postcards  National Museum Library ,  Art Nouveau illustrations í  Museum of Art , or any thematic  collection items. After selecting the item, just click on the pink Send Postcard icon at the bottom right. The traditional postcard format will be displayed in which you will write the text of the wish, enter your name, your email, the recipient's email and send it. Merry Christmas, good health and happiness in the new year, I wish you eCollections!


17. 11. 2020

International Student Day

On November 17, in addition to the Day of the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy, we also commemorate International Student Day. The history of this day dates back to 1939, when a peaceful demonstration on the 21st anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia was violently suppressed. Student Jan Opletal succumbed to his injuries and his funeral also became a protest against the war occupation. Following these events in our territory, Hitler closed universities and had the leaders of the student organization executed and deported other students to concentration camps. In honor of their memory in 1941, on the occasion of the London meeting of the International Student Council, the Declaration of Allied Students on November 17 was published, which declared this day International Student Day. History repeated itself in 1989, when on this day the student demonstrations begin the beginning of the Velvet Revolution and thus the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia. On eCollections you can see photos from lecture halls , which illustrate the  atmosphere  at  universities ,  demonstrations of  student  samizdat , photographs of  protests  in the streets of Prague and  marches through the city of November . You can also recall the extensive collection of archival items for the revolutionary year in the Europeana 1989 collection.


27. 10. 2020

World Audiovisual Heritage Day

On October 27, UNESCO declares World Audiovisual Heritage Day. Audiovisual archives are an important source of our collective memory and narrators of diverse cultural and social stories. Preserving and protecting these monuments for future generations is a fundamental goal for all memory institutions. On the eCollections, you can look at the period technology that provided this role, such as the developer for the film from the  1950s  and  1980s  , the amateur film camera for the Admira film  , or the  Tesla Monitor  from the Prague Radio Administration's transmission car.


1. 6. 2020

International Children's Day and NM Ticket Competition

On June 1, we commemorate Children's Day  . The World Conference for the Welfare of Children advocated the creation of this holiday in 1925. We remind ourselves that every child deserves to have a carefree childhood. On this day, a number of entertaining programs and competitions are prepared for children. The National Museum has also prepared a competition for primary school pupils. You can find its rules and help  here . And then quickly back to  eCollections to  look for a mysterious collection item in a virtual maze. Free admission to the National Museum is at stake, where you can experience an adventurous encounter with the past.

18. 5. 2020

World Museum Day

On May 18, we celebrate International Museum Day. This year is in the spirit of the theme of the  Museum for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion . Although the conditions for meetings are limited, virtual space provides inclusive conditions for anyone with Internet access. Let's celebrate this day together with a walk through museums across the country and walk from the  Historical Collections  to the  Arts and Crafts to  Photography  and many more. eCollections  are available free of charge and without limits and provide access to collection items of Czech museums and galleries from the comfort of home.


7. 4. 2020

World Health Day

On April 7, we celebrate World Health Day. It has been proclaimed since 1950, when the World Health Organization (WHO) was founded. This day is a reminder of the constant improvement of the quality of your life through preventive care for your body. Already during the First Republic, people used homemade advice and recipes to improve health. In 1936, the field of naturopathy or naturopathic medicine was created, which uses a number of pseudo-scientific practices called "natural", "non-invasive" or promoting "self-healing". The book  Bilz's Healing of the Natural  German Naturopath Friedrich Eduard Bilz was popular. There were also various aids, such as the  Mountain Sun , which was used to treat inflammation and cavities, or a  device for home electrotherapy.


1. 4. 2020

Good everywhere, best at home

How did our grandparents spend time at home? Virtual exhibition  Everywhere well, at best it  presents objects associating leisure home activities - games, reading, listening to music, or chess games. Leisure time changes with time and technology, but some already traditional ways of home entertainment remain with us.


17. 11. 2019

A day of struggle for freedom and democracy

The jubilee 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution is held in the spirit of events and celebrations. We commemorate a significant period since the fall of the communist regime and the transformation into contemporary democracy. On the evening of the anniversary of November 17, the National Museum will present a  videomapping of  "The Road to Freedom". The story of the fall of the Iron Curtain on the facade of the Historic Building, which was a silent witness to the  revolutionary gatherings on  Wenceslas Square, will be screened  . A multimedia exhibition complex  dedicated to the anniversary of 1989, which will connect the New and Historical Buildings of the National Museum, is also opening inside the building  . In the eCollections you can listen to authentic period  radio recordings  and view photographs documenting the atmosphere of  student strikesthat preceded nationwide demonstrations. You can see more in new projects and exhibitions live or listen online at


28. 10. 2019


We commemorate the 101st anniversary of the establishment of the independent  Czechoslovak state . This date is a reminder of the day when a delegation of the Czechoslovak National Committee led by Karel Kramář in Geneva  began negotiations on the shape of the republic. The political events that took place throughout the 20th century were not difficult for an independent republic. The nature of the newly found Czechoslovak identity changed people's destinies, sometimes with faith in the future and  sometimes tragically . Last year's joint project of the National Museum and the Slovak National Museum entitled "Czecho-Slovak Exhibition and Slovak-Czech Exhibition" offers an insight into how historical events developed on the  timeline and some  selected exhibits.


10. 10. 2019

The Nobel Prize in Literature

On 10th October 2019, the 118th Nobel Prize of Literature was announced and it was awarded to the German writer Peter Handke. Thirty-five years ago, the prize was awarded also to Czech poet, translator and writer Jaroslav Seifert. On eSbirky, you can check out his contribution to the world of literature by listening to the audio version of the Interview with Helena Friedlova about the work of Josef Seifert after he had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature or you can listen to two of his exceptional works: Sonnets about Prague and Eight Days.


30. 9. 2019

Printing press

The sources have not been unanimous as to the exact date when the first book was printed on a printing press - a device invented by Johannes Gutenberg in the middle of 15th century. However, by common consent, it is the 42-Line Bible in Latin which is considered his most important print. In the National Museum’s collection called Printing press – the memories, you can see objects like printing pinsgalleys and process-blocks, which were used, alongside with other artefacts, for mechanical reproduction. On, you can also get online access to Czech most widespread edition of Melantrich’s Bible from 16th century. With the invention of the printing press, large scale print reproduction had been made possible, changing thus the nature of the world of information for the mankind once and for all.

19. 9. 2019

Jan Evangelista Purkyně

It was 182 years ago when an important Czech scientist and polymath Jan Evangelista Purkyně formulated his theory on cellular structure of animals, laying the foundations for the study of a new branch of science – the cytology. In the illustrations about the scientist’s life and work by Zdeňek Burian, which were published in the Edition of Science for Youth, he is depicted thinking by the Plössl’s microscope or demonstrating his new extraordinary invention – kinesiscope. The device was used for animation of objects and today it has been part of the collections of National Technical Museum. You can also see the device here, in the photo on eSbirky.

2. 9. 2019

Back to school!

Today, 2 September, it is the first day of school for schoolchildren. If you want to know how the school enviroment looked like in 19th and 20th century, you can access a new virtual exhibition called Back to school! Here you can see school stuff and school photographs from the collection of eSbírky.


29. 8. 2019

Slovak National Uprising

Slovak anti-Nazi resistance movement during World War II, launched on 29 August in Banská Bystrica in the last year of war, has been already made a part of Central European history. There were 2000 Czechs fighting alongside Slovaks in the anti-Nazi resistance movement. Besides these two nationalities, Polish, Romanians, Rusyns, Ucranians, French, Bulgarians, Yugoslavians and others also took part. General officer Július Nosko was a member of illegal Military Headquarters for the Uprising and a head of a czechoslovak army staff  in Slovakia.  In the collection of the National Museum dedicated to the Newer Czech history, you can see what his military uniform looked like.  If you want to know more about life of this military officer of Czechoslovak and Slovak army, you can also go for a book called „Thus fought the rebel army“, in which Nosko described his attitudes towards the resistance movement.

18. 6. 2018

Extraordinary virtual exhibition

Let's enjoy the special tour over the e-collection objects that were documented during fifteenth season of Prague Museum Night in our unique pop-up photo studio which was set up in National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill. We thank all participants for providing unique artifacts to the virtual exhibition and we believe that on the occasion of next Prague Museum Night we will meet again!

6. 4. 2018

The book belongs to me!

Are you keen on "ex libris"? If so, you have a chance to visit the new exhibition on the National Memorial on the Vítkov hill which is called "The book belongs to me! History of Czech ex libris since 1945". Some historical ex libris or other artifacts related to its manufacturing technology are available also in the form of virtual exhibition!

1. 2. 2018

The landscape in the service of the nation

How artist and various art disciplines percieved the transformation of czech national landscape in the course of years and centuries? Let's check our new virtual exhibition which is called "The landscape in the service of the nation".

24. 1. 2018

The Phenomenon Masaryk

Until the end of January you still have a chance to visit our exhibition The Phenomenon Masaryk which takes place in the National Museum New Building. You can taste a small review in the form of our virtual exhibition!

2. 1. 2018

New Year cards

They can have a number of forms. Some were made as the artworks, some were chosen from photo albums at random. Let's check the collection of New Year cards which was gathered on our website through seven years.


14. 9. 2017

80th Anniversary of TGM´s death

"The dim morning..." Today is the 80th anniversary when in the early morning in the palace Lány died the first Czechoslovakia President Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk. Let´s listen the Radio Free Europe broadcast which was recorded 16 years after his death.

12. 9. 2017

Masaryk as a Phenomenon

On 15th September 2017 will be opened new exhibition named "Masaryk as a Phenomenon" in National Museum New Building. The exhibition is dedicated to 80th anniversary of death of the first Czechoslovak president and it will present the Masaryk´s personality not only as a political and national eminent figure or historical myth but also as a common man with his ideals, attitudes and relationships. Top attraction will be probably his riding outfit! The exhibition will finish at the end of January 2018.

21. 7. 2017

Summons from 1912

Not all summons in your post box signify trouble to you! For instance, the former typist of Museum of the Czech Kingdom Bibliothek and its later director, Dr. Josef Volf could tell...


30. 6. 2017

Great Ward Round!

The Museum of East Bohemia in Hradec Králové has prepared an original exhibition called Great Ward Round! dedicated to the history of health care between World Wars in Hradec Králové. You can see many of attractive exhibits in the current virtual exhibition.

27. 6. 2017

Victims of Communism Day 2017

Today we remember the very sad anniversary of the execution which have no  parallel in Czech history. Let's commemorate it by the reportage from 1950 when not only Milada Horáková was executed but also another personalities who didn't fit to Communist regime because of their values and attitudes.
21. 6. 2017


The time of wedding is in full swing and curators from Historical Museum of National Museum have prepared a thematic exhibition thus. In Kinský Folly (Musaion) was recently presented the exposition of nuptial and wedding folklore of 19th and 20th century. Let's entice by our virtual exhibition

5. 6. 2017

Prague Museum Night 2017

Are you planning something on Saturday the 10th June? If you don´t, you can find your optimal programm on the Prague Museum Night website and visit us in the National Museum New Building for instance. You can also compete with us and possibly win any interesting price! 


25. 5. 2017

Johann II., Prince of Liechtenstein

The exhibition devoted to Johann II., Prince of Liechtenstein takes place in Silesian Museum and last until the half of August. Thanks to his sponsorial activities at the turn of the 19th and 20th century Silesian Museum gained not only unique exhibits but also estates and financial sum to construct new buildings. You can taste the overview of Liechtenstein´s collections also in the form of our virtual exhibition.


16. 5. 2017

Europeana 1914-1918

Do you remember the cultural event titled Europeana 1914-1918? Thanks to these collection days there was digitized over 2000 unique artifact from the Great War period. Virtual outcomes are accessible on eSbí website! There was also prepared the virtual exhibition which presents the most interesting and valuable digest of this huge collection.

4. 5. 2017

May Uprising

This year we register the 72th anniversary of the explosion of popular resistance against the Nazi occupation of Czechlands. So called "May Uprising" was the bloody conclusion of World War II. Let's commemorate these dramatic days thanks to photos which were preserved in special fund within the Collection of Czech modern history.

25. 4. 2017

Austro-Hungarian Empire in photographs

Do you want to travel around Austro-Hungarian Empire? You've got the chance! Even when this multi-national state broke up almost before one century, it is possible thanks to the preserved collection of colorized transparencies from the turn of 19th and 20th century. Its part is avaible on eSbí website.

10. 4. 2017

Art Nouveau Session

Do you know that Europeana website presents its top collections from Secession period within spring time Art Nouveau Session in these days? Except posters, paintings, graphics, crockery and jewelry from this ornamental epoch it can be seen also thematic articles about curiosities and personalities of this era.

30. 3. 2017


Positive issue is coming into our virtual space in the time of these first spring days! And which one? The wedding! The course of exhibitions on the topic of rural wedding and nuptial folklore will be presented in two phases in Kinský folly. And you can virtually taste here its first part called "Courtship".

23. 2. 2017

Chaura Collection

National Museum Numismatic Collection is extraordinary large, both in real and virtual side! There are newly published virtual funds which could interest you, for instance, special-purpose stamps and counters which were used as payment tools or tokens.

14. 2. 2017

Metropolitan Museum of Art New York

Have you ever visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York? This institution infamous all over the world put 441.174 artworks in virtual space on its website. So, these huge amount of virtual artifacts is available completely for free!

6. 2. 2017

When the Emperor is Dying

Until 26th March 2017 you can see the exhibition called "When the Emperor is Dying" in Czech Museum in Music. We present you a little "degustation" in the form of virtual exhibition.

26. 1. 2017

Architectonical Project of National Museum Building

Reconstruction of National Museum Historical Building is already in the midpoint. Renovated frontage of building will be uncovered soon. Do you know that the architectonical project of Josef Schulz has got totally 26 competing projects during the competion in 1883? Some of these are preserved in National Museum. Let´s see!

18. 1. 2017

Matice opavská

Let´s see on our new virtual exhibition "Matice opavská" which reflects ongoing exhibition of the same name in Silesian Museum. It is placed in the Museum Historical Building in Opava and it is opened until 24th February. 

4. 1. 2017

Neanderthal Cranial Cavity

Do you know that the unique finding of Neanderthal cranial cast from 1926 is firstly exhibited on public display? National Museum lent it to the exhibition "Welcome to Neanderthals" which takes place in Anthropos Pavilion until the end of 2017.

2. 1. 2017

2nd January 1990

Do you know how looked like the internal news on 2nd January 1990? Listen the commentary to New Year´s speech of Václav Havel or foreign news.

27. 12. 2016


Christmas present in the form of 100 000 published items on eSbírky made us so glad! We thanks all fellow workers and we wish peaceful rest of this year 2016 and best wishes to next year 2017!

23. 12. 2016

Christmas Cards

If you would like to send the Christmas card to your relatives, our electronic cards will arrive on time surely. Please, chose it from eSbirky Christmas cards and send it on whichever email adress using the button "send subject ecard". We wish you Merry Christmas!

15. 12. 2016

Prachatice Museum

In the period of longest nights in the year eSbirky had lit by the unique collection of lamps from Prachatice Museum.

2. 12. 2016

Dear Christ Child, I wish...

Advent is here and within also yearly repeating rumination about Christmas presents. The exhibition "Dear Christ Child, I wish..." takes place in Ethnographic Museum of National Museum and it presents a wide scale of dreamed wishes of children. You can see the exhibition in Kinský Folly until 31st January 2017.

29. 11. 2016

Municipal Museum and Gallery Břeclav

The another newcoming museum on eSbí is the Municipal Museum and Gallery Břeclav. For now we present You the selection from ethnographical and historical collections. Another artifacts and exhibits will come soon!

22. 11. 2016

The Museum of Moravian Slovakia

Did You notice that the number of partnership institutions is increasing very quickly? For now, last newcomer is the Museum of Moravian Slovakia in Uherské Hradiště, and other will come soon!

3. 11. 2016

Social-club life in Silesia

Silesian Museum prepared an exhibition regarding to unconventional issue: social-club life in Silesia. What waits to you in the exposition building? You can see here.

21. 10. 2016


Also on eSbírky people can take a look into the recently past and see chosen artifacts from the exhibition called typically Retro which takes place in National Museum New Building.   

14. 10. 2016

Juraj Hovorka

The Exhibition of sculptor Juraj Hovorka takes place in Regional Museum Šumperk nowadays. Besides virtual exhibition we recommend to see pictures from the opening of the exhibition which was attended by the sculptor himself.

10. 10. 2016

Europeana 1914-1918 Report

Do you remember when we requested You to provide us any historical material from the WWI hidden in Your bookshelves? Let's see on the short report from Europeana 1914-1918 collection day!

26. 9. 2016

Regional Museum Šumperk

Do you notice something interesting in Regional Museum Šumperk collection? Not a few of artifacts from this collection are presented on eSbí also in 3D version!

12. 9. 2016

Karel May Book Illustrations

The Treasure of Silver Lake, The Wild Kurdistan, Satan and Judas, Kara ben Nemsí, Vinnetou...Stories of Karel May interested just generation streak of readers. Their imagination also supported three illustrators whose original artwork we presents now on eSbí!

1. 9. 2016

The Water Goblins

Visitors have got a great chance to see the exhibition "The Water Goblins" in Czech Puppet and Cirque Museum in Prachatice untill 16th October. If you are afraid of these green monsters, let´s look at our virtual exhibition! It is only small presentation what you can await in Prachatice!  

24. 8. 2016

Kateřina Černá Illustrations

Thin and dynamical lines which depict details and space perspective with unfailing precision. Like that are illustrations of Kateřina Černá which are newly presented in National Museum Library.

19. 8. 2016

21st August 1968

21st August 1968. Listen popular reactions which were caused by the invasion of Warsaw Pact Military Forces. These reactions were authentically recorded in Wenceslas Square in 1968 and comes from Radio Free Europe Audio Archive.

17. 8. 2016

Bookbinding Equipment

Do you know how book-bindings were decorated at the turn of 19th and 20th century? We present You the collection of bookbindings equipment which comes from National Museum.

12. 8. 2016


Summer isn´t ending yet! At least not on eSbí Let´s see on new collection which is dedicated to "tramping"! Do you know for instance what is "camrátko"?

4. 8. 2016

Olympic Games

Summer Olympics are here! Let´s see on virtual exhibition called Olympic poster. There are the best exhibits from National Museum Collections!

2. 8. 2016

eSbírky News

Do You know what is new in our website? Regional Museum Šumperk still increasing the number of publications from its historical collection and National Museum Library published illustrations and drafts of book-jackets from academical painter Dana Puchnarová

26. 7. 2016

Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague

Do You know that Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague will open to the public soon? Reconstruction of Historical Building will be finished at the end of this year.

26. 7. 2016

Olympic Poster

Rio Olympic Games are approaching quickly! Put yourself in the sport mood in National Memorial on Vítkov Hill! National Museum presents here the poster collection from past Olympics which also specifically reflects former art movements.

29. 6. 2016

Tip for the holiday

Are you thinking where to go for this holiday or just for a one-day summer trip? For inspiration, have a look at collection of glass photographic slides from the National Museum. 

15. 6. 2016

Photographs of Josef Váchal

In occasion of publication of the book ‚Josef Váchal – The Book of Memories‘ eSbirky were extended by interesting series of his images. Starring: Josef Váchal, Anna Macková and Tarzán.

27. 5. 2016

Fashion under the Olympic rings

Suit collection of Czech Olympic team for Rio de Janeiro Olympic games was presented to public on 27th May. Do you know how the clothing of Czech athletes in the past looked like? You can see some of them here

10. 5. 2016

Prague Museum Night 2016

On Saturday 11th June you could meet us during the Prague Museum Night in the National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill with our Virtual Post Mail and thematic exposition of artifacts from the World War I, acquired at Europeana 1914-1918 Collection Days. 

7. 3. 2016

Mezi nové partnery eSbírek patří od tohoto týdne také Institut umění - Divadelní ústav. Zde si můžete prohlédnout první vlaštovku z jejich bohatého fondu.

1. 2. 2016

150th Anniversary Austro-Prussian War

This year is 150th anniversary of so called Seven Weeks´ War, the great clash among austrian and prussian armies which is particulary known as Battle of Hradec Králové (or Sadová). This conflict fundamentally changed the political map of Europe. Do you have at home any artifacts which are connected with this event? Museum of Eastern Bohemia takes place public collection which could and should interest You!

27. 1. 2016

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

27th January pertains to a memory of the Holocaust and its victims. In Jewish Museum Prague collections can be found a lot of artifacts reminding this sad historical period. Often it shivers with scare. 

19. 1. 2016

Jan Palach, 19th January

How was the sad and sorrowful 19th January from the perspective of Radio Free Europe? A statement of Antonie Hegerlíková or interview with treating doctor of Jan Palach can be listened here, in RFE Sound Archive. 

18. 1. 2016

Correspondence of František Kaván

Digest of correspondence of František Kaván, eminent Czech landscape painter and learner of Julius Mařák, is avaible on eSbírky!

11. 1. 2016

Regional Museum Most

Together with the new year 2016 come also other new museums and its various collections. This time we present the collection of splendid historical furniter from Regional Museum Most.

4. 1. 2016

Regional Museum Litomyšl

The exhibits of Regional Museum Litomyšl were added on eSbírky! Part of Museum´s art collection can be see here.

14. 12. 2015

Middle Kingdom

We derive pleasure from spreading out the section of virtual exhibitions to the East! Specifically, it is in form of selected artifacts from "Middle Kingdom" exhibition which takes place in Náprstkovo Museum.

30. 11. 2015

Illustrations of Ludmila Jiřincová

It is our honour to introduce the artwork of Ludmila Jiřincová on eSbírky, the "First Lady" of Czech graphic arts. Her illustrations are part of the National Museum Library collections.

23. 11. 2015

Caps of mushrooms

Do you know that mushrooms can help us as a protection against frost? Let´s take a look at winter caps sewed from polypores which are integral part to the Historical Museum collections. About interesting characteristics of mushrooms and chiefly about protection of these specific organisms you can learn more on the lecture "Protection of mushroom´s biodiversity" which takes place on 26th November in National Museum New Building.

9. 11. 2015

Municipal Museum Polná

On eSbírky website added up exhibits of Municipal Museum Polná. You should aim your attention for example to the educative set of Old School Polná.

5. 11. 2015

Jan Zrzavý

5th November is the 125th anniversary of the birth of eminent painter, Jan Zrzavý. At this occasion National Museum takes place Memorial Evening on 6th November in the National Museum New Building.

26. 10. 2015

28th October National Holiday

Do you know how looked the Concept of First Law of Czechslovakia from 28th October 1918? You´ll be surprised maybe...

6. 10. 2015

Institute for Contemporary History

Do you remember the first independent elections after the Fall of Iron Curtain in the former Czechoslovakia? Among recently contributing institutions on eSbírky came the Institute for Contemporary History and its interesting set of posters, pictures and ballots from this turning period.

16. 9. 2015

A Troubled Century

Five-year-lasting research and presentation project of various perspectives on cultural heritage of Silesia wil be finish this year with the exhibition which is generously hold epilogue of this project. Set out with us to the journey through 20th century and see which artifacts are to be found on the exhibition "A Troubled Century" in Silesian Museum.

8. 9. 2015

Anniversary of Antonín Dvořák

Czech lands are nowadays keen on melodies of Antonín Dvořák. Worldfamous composer was borned 174 years ago and as one of a few Czech composers rose the fame in overseas countries, especialy in USA . About "American polka", Czech pride and tone of distances or solitariness in his scores read Josef Škvorecký in recording from Radio Free Europe Archive.

28. 8. 2015

Ethnographic exhibition - Musaion

Do you know that Kinsky Folly in Prague-Smíchov have been reopened ten years ago? Before the large reconstruction was the building rated among most endangered historical buildings in Czech Republic. However, revitalization took place in 2002-2005 and the spanking new building was opened in October 2005 as a another edifice of National Museum. Except of long-term exhibition Czech Folk Culture offers Ethnographic Museum (called Musaion) also current exhibition Czech Farmhouse Today.

18. 8. 2015

eSbírky Newsletter

Did you already come to the second issue of eSbírky Newsletter? If you missed it, can find it together with the first issue in our file "Profesionálům"

5. 8. 2015

Do muzea! (Into the Museum!)

Have you already visited the new apliccation "Do muzea!" (Into the museum)? It presents detailed survey of museums across Czech republic. Moreover, the hot news which give you sense of recent memory institutions are included here. Visitors can evaluate its services on the basic of their experience and according to concrete measures can create ranking of popular museums.

8. 7. 2015

National aggregator in the world of eCulture

eSbírky were one of the key isuess of seminar named "National aggregator in the world of eCulture" which took place in the Academy of Science´s Library on 14th July. Couldn´t you attend or be involved? It was published the short review and presentations of speakers on the eMuzeum website. More here. And just another review of seminar here.

16. 6. 2015

Jan Hus Exhibition

6th July 2015 is the 600th anniversary of burning of Jan Hus in Constance. National Museum prepared at this occasion the exhibition titled Jan Hus in the National Museum Collections (1415-2015). Little illustration can bee seen here.

8. 6. 2015

Jena Codex

Antithesis Christi et Antichristi, renowned as Jena codex, can bee seen only to 8th June in the National Museum New Building. If you don´t manage it in time, it is possible to see it here!

29. 5. 2015

Children´s Day

Aren´t you still decided how to spend the Children´s Day with your family? You can visit e. g. National Museum Lapidary or set out on the Noah´s Ark exhibition!

19. 5. 2015

Museum Night Festival

Czech Museum Night Festival takes place from 15th May to 13th June. Whole range of museums prepared attractive programms to its visitors. What places can be visited in night-time hours? You can gain your inspiration e. g. here.

18. 5. 2015

International Museum Day

Do you know that 18th May is the Internation Museum Day? This year it is connected with the motto: "Museum for the suistainable society".

12. 5. 2015

Music and politics

Did you miss the exhibition called "Music and politics" which took place in the National Memorial on the Vítkov hill? See at least virtual selection of exhibits here.

6. 5. 2015

Czech National Uprising 1945

Let´s mark here the events of Prague uprising which happened 70 years before. In National Museum´s Czech Modern History collection can be found an unique photography complex from which you can get a goose bumps... 

27. 4. 2015


Do you know what treasures are kept in National Museum Lapidary in Výstaviště Praha-Holešovice? This extraordinary collection of statues and architectonical fragments is open to the public again from 1st May after the winter pause. See here what you can expect on your visit. 

17. 4. 2015

Historical building

Reconstruction of the Historical Building of National Museum is planned minimally to the next 3 years. Never mind, we can see it virtually here. And even in  360° view!

10. 4. 2015

Stanislav Kolíbal on Museum 3000

Illustrations of Stanislav Kolíbal have been uploaded on eSbí quite long time ago. Check also the movie in which this artist talks about the circumstances and origin of his artworks. 

7. 4. 2015

The Country and its Lord

Do you know that some artifacts from the exhibition Country and its Lord can be seen here in the form of virtual exhibition? In Silesian Museum is the "real" exhibition opened to 5th July.

30. 3. 2015

František Bílek - Illustrations

Gorgeous illustrations of eminent symbolistic graphic designer, sculptor and architect František Bílek were added on eSbírky! The collection comes from the Book Culture department of National Museum Library.

25. 3. 2015

Bohumil Hrabal

Closely Observed Trains, Snowdrop Festival, Cutting It Short, Larks on a String... Do you know that 28th March would Bohumil Hrabal, the author of book templates to these movies, live to 101 years? Let´s see his handwriting.

18. 3. 2015

West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen

Phoebus Apollo, Giant Peacock Moth and Swallowtail, or welcome butterflies on eSbí! They comes from collection of West Bohemian Museum in Pilsen which starts the cooperation with eSbírky via this presentation.

13. 3. 2015


Have you bought a March issue of Literární noviny yet? Its supplement Biblio includes article about National Museum Book Culture collection, which is also online. If you would like to see it, all you need to do is make a one click.

6. 3. 2015

Týn nad Vltavou

Municipal museum Týn nad Vltavou was added to the partnership of eSbí at the beginning of this year. The presentation of its collection can be seen here.

6. 3. 2015

Masaryk - the reconstruction of presidential summer residence Lány castle

Do you know that the reconstruction of Lány castle in 1921 on the basis of architectonal project by Josip Plečnik tooks only ten weeks? This snap action was carried out for the purpose of adapting the summer residence of TGM and his family.

2. 3. 2015

50 000

The first March day and its first spring sunbeams achieve also another great succes! eSbí exceeds over 50,000 digitalized items! Thank You!

23. 2. 2015

Anniversary of the birth of Bedrich Smetana

2nd March 2015, this day Bedřich Smetana would live to the age of 191. On the occasion of this anniversary takes place the exhibition "Diplomas and gifts of honour to Bedřich Smetana" in Bedřich Smetana´s Museum. The exhibition lasts to 30th March 2015. More here.

16. 2. 2015

Miroslav Zikmund

14th February is the birthdate of Miroslav Zikmund, famous globetrotter and lifelong companion of Jiří Hanzelka. Short interview about their traveller´s adventures with Tatra 87 and later Tatra 805 are avaible to listen here.

16. 2. 2015

Ducat of Opavian duke Přemek I.

Do you know that National Museum owns also an unique Ducat of Opavian duke Přemek I.? This coin could be seen within the collection "Land and its landlord" in Silesian Museum. Actually it can be seen virtually here, on eSbí!

11. 2. 2015

Anniversary of the birth of Zdeněk Burian

On the 11th February it was 110 years from the birth of Czech illustrator, Zdeněk Burian. His lifework is usually associated with paleontological reconstructions and illustrations to the books of Eduard Štorch. However, here you can see a few illustrations, which Burian prepared for the book about eminent Czech scientist, Jan Evangelista Purkyně. 

30. 1. 2015

Anniversary of the birth of Jan Werich

On the 6th February it was 110 years from the birth of actor, scenarist and scriptwriter, Jan Werich. His specific humor is avaible e.g. on this recording, where he taunt together with his theatre collegue, Miroslav Horníček.

27. 1. 2015

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust falls on the 27th January. Let´s see the photocollection of unKnown Jewish citizens from years 1942-44, which is presented on the Jewish museum website as a virtual collection.

22. 1. 2015

Artuš Scheiner illustrations

Publisher of a new edition of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King in Moscow has found illustrations for the book on eCollections! See them and other original pieces of Czech illustrator Artus Scheiner here.

22. 1. 2015

František Illek

Frantisek Illek was significant Czech photographer whose work was partly devoted to sport reportage photography. 2871 unique images from his inheritance describing sport life in Czechoslovakia in 30‘s, 40’s and 50’s of 20th century can be seen here.

8. 10. 2014

Magic of searching

Successful exhibition „Josef Váchal: Magic of searching“, which took place in the Stone Bell House and was organized by Prague City Gallery, ended on the 4th January 2015. Some of the presented artworks came from the National Museum Library´s collection, and you can find them in the form of „virtual exhibition“ on the website eSbí!

8. 10. 2014

Regional Museum in Olomouc

Regional Museum in Olomouc enriched the website eSbí with its digitalized exhibits. "Tasting" of its rich collections can be experienced here.  

8. 10. 2014

Meteorites of Opava

All meteorites of Opava, which were exposed within the exhibition "Unique Exhibits of Land Museums", can be founded in digitalized form on the website eSbí If you have got a long way to Silesian Museum, see here.