New and Trivia

Have you ever visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York? This institution infamous all over the world put 441.174 artworks in virtual space on its website. So, these huge amount of virtual artifacts is available completely for free!

Until 26th March 2017 you can see the exhibition called "When the Emperor is Dying" in Czech Museum in Music. We present you a little "degustation" in the form of virtual exhibition.

Reconstruction of National Museum Historical Building is already in the midpoint. Renovated frontage of building will be uncovered soon. Do you know that the architectonical project of Josef Schulz has got totally 26 competing projects during the competion in 1883? Some of these are preserved in National Museum. Let´s see!

Let´s see on our new virtual exhibition "Matice opavská" which reflects ongoing exhibition of the same name in Silesian Museum. It is placed in the Museum Historical Building in Opava and it is opened until 24th February. 



eCollections – cultural heritage on-line

eSbí is the presentation portal used for searching and browsing digitized collection items of museum type. The system was launched under the patronage of National Museum in 2010 and has collected over 49,000 digitized items from the collections of 47 Czech museums for four years of its existence. eSbí is connected to the European portal of the similar name

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