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Do you want to travel around Austro-Hungarian Empire? You've got the chance! Even when this multi-national state broke up almost before one century, it is possible thanks to the preserved collection of colorized transparencies from the turn of 19th and 20th century. Its part is avaible on eSbí website.

Do you know that Europeana website presents its top collections from Secession period within spring time Art Nouveau Session in these days? Except posters, paintings, graphics, crockery and jewelry from this ornamental epoch it can be seen also thematic articles about curiosities and personalities of this era.

Positive issue is coming into our virtual space in the time of these first spring days! And which one? The wedding! The course of exhibitions on the topic of rural wedding and nuptial folklore will be presented in two phases in Kinský folly. And you can virtually taste here its first part called "Courtship".

It is our honour to introduce the artwork of Ludmila Jiřincová on eSbírky, the "First Lady" of Czech graphic arts. Her illustrations are integral part of the National Museum Library collections.



eCollections – cultural heritage on-line

eSbí is the presentation portal used for searching and browsing digitized collection items of museum type. The system was launched under the patronage of National Museum in 2010 and has collected over 49,000 digitized items from the collections of 47 Czech museums for four years of its existence. eSbí is connected to the European portal of the similar name

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