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The time of wedding is in full swing and curators from Historical Museum of National Museum have prepared a thematic exhibition thus. In Kinský Folly (Musaion) was recently presented the exposition of nuptial and wedding folklore of 19th and 20th century. Let's entice by our virtual exhibition

The exhibition devoted to Johann II., Prince of Liechtenstein takes place in Silesian Museum and last until the half of August. Thanks to his sponsorial activities at the turn of the 19th and 20th century Silesian Museum gained not only unique exhibits but also estates and financial sum to construct new buildings. You can taste the overview of Liechtenstein´s collections also in the form of our virtual exhibition
Are you planning something on Saturday the 10th June? If you don´t, you can find your optimal programm on the Prague Museum Night website and visit us in the National Museum New Building for instance. You can also compete with us and possibly win any interesting price! 

Do you remember the cultural event titled Europeana 1914-1918? Thanks to these collection days there was digitized over 2000 unique artifact from the Great War period. Virtual outcomes are accessible on eSbí website! There was also prepared the virtual exhibition which presents the most interesting and valuable digest of this huge collection.  



eCollections – cultural heritage on-line

eSbí is the presentation portal used for searching and browsing digitized collection items of museum type. The system was launched under the patronage of National Museum in 2010 and has collected over 49,000 digitized items from the collections of 47 Czech museums for four years of its existence. eSbí is connected to the European portal of the similar name

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