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50 years of Prague underground

In addition to the battles for Czech Radio related to the end of the Second World War, these days we are also commemorating another interesting anniversary, which is the commissioning of the Prague underground. It has already been 50 years since the first robust Ečs sets produced at the Mytischinsky Engineering Plant near Moscow were rolled out. Its commissioning was preceded by eight years of construction work, the result of which were nine stations on route C from Kačerov to Sokolovská (today's Florenc). Today, the metro has three routes, about 65 kilometers and transports 600 million passengers annually.

The fight for Czech Radio

The first days of May are inextricably linked with the end of the Second World War. During these days, there was also a fight for Czech Radio, which flared up during the Prague Uprising. The conflict began on May 5 at six o'clock in the morning, lasted four days and claimed the lives of 170 Czech citizens. Not only members of the Czechoslovak armed forces, but also radio employees and civilians joined the fight. The Germans deployed heavy weapons - tanks - to charge the radio station and fired cannons from the armored train from the Main Station. In the end, it was not possible to recharge the radio, even though every meter, every room of the radio building was fought for. The fighting did not end until May 9, when the Red Army entered Prague.