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Palm Sunday

The last Sunday of Lent, called May Sunday, concludes the six-week period of Lent and also begins the Passion Week, which culminates in the Easter holiday. On this day we commemorate the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem, who was welcomed by the people with palm branches. Since palm trees do not grow in our conditions, they were therefore replaced by fresh wands with so-called catkins. These are blessed in church on Palm Sunday and burned to ashes the following year.

Spring is finally here

The spring equinox, which this year falls on 20 March, has always been associated with several festive rituals. The most famous one, which is still practised in several places, is the Morana. Its effigy, most often made of straw, is burned, buried in the ground or thrown into the water along with old and unnecessary items. The onset of spring is also evident in the eSbirky - the winter top objects have been replaced by exhibits with floral motifs.