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European Bicycle Day

Many significant days are celebrated throughout the year: we usually remember key events in our history, the death or birth of important personalities. Today, however, we commemorate a less prosaic thing - European Bicycle Day. Cycling has been very popular in our country for many years, as evidenced by several cycling museums, including museums in Boskovštejn, Nové Hrady or Žireč. You will also find countless items with a cycling theme on eSbirky.

How Europe was formed

In a few days, the member states of the European Union are waiting for elections to the European Parliament. These are held every five years and citizens of each of the 27 member states have the opportunity to elect MPs to represent their interests. The first elections with nine member states took place already in June 1979. On the Europeana website, you have the opportunity to study the history of these elections, including photos from the first year, through a new virtual exhibition.