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The Nobel Prize in Literature

On 10th October 2019, the 118th Nobel Prize of Literature was announced and it was awarded to the German writer Peter Handke. Thirty-five years ago, the prize was awarded also to Czech poet, translator and writer Jaroslav Seifert. On eSbirky, you can check out his contribution to the world of literature by listening to the audio version of the Interview with Helena Friedlova about the work of Josef Seifert after he had been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature or you can listen to two of his exceptional works: Sonnets about Prague and Eight Days.


Back to school!

Today, 2 September, it is the first day of school for schoolchildren. If you want to know how the school enviroment looked like in 19th and 20th century, you can access a new virtual exhibition called Back to school! Here you can see school stuff and school photographs from the collection of eSbírky.


Tramping Century

Camp fires, guitars, combat boots, U.S. kitbags, etc. Do you know what connects these terms? Correctly! Tramping! The new exhibition in the Kinský Folly is devoted to this important cultural and social movement of Czechoslovakian and Czech history of the twentieth century. We have also prepared a small tasting for you at the eSbí portal. More info here!

Extraordinary virtual exhibition

Let's enjoy the special tour over the e-collection objects that were documented during fifteenth season of Prague Museum Night in our unique pop-up photo studio which was set up in National Memorial on the Vítkov Hill. We thank all participants for providing unique artifacts to the virtual exhibition and we believe that on the occasion of next Prague Museum Night we will meet again!


eCollections – cultural heritage on-line

eSbí is the presentation portal used for searching and browsing digitized collection items of museum type. The system was launched under the patronage of National Museum in 2010. eSbí is connected to the European portal of the similar name

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