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Exhibition of Modern book covers from the Museum Library

Following the recent ex libris exhibition, the National Museum presents other works of art related to book culture: the exhibition Modern book covers from the Museum Library begins on Friday 15 October. The exhibition prepared by the Book Culture Department of the Library of the National Museum will present, through selected works, various approaches of artists to the creation of book covers across one century. Many of the exhibited works are original models for book covers created by renowned Czech artists. You can see, for example, the works of Ondřej Sekora, Josef Lada, Josef Vodrážka, Jaroslav Hořánek, Václav Kabát, Dana Puchnarová and others. You can also find the works of some of the representatives on the eSbirky. The exhibition is complemented by examples of author's printing blocks - both linocut and woodcut, and examples of books with covers referring to the presented originals.

For books, for collection, for joy.

Have you seen our new virtual exhibition? It presents the current work of Czech exlibrists and complements the exhibition of the same name in the National Museum. If you did not have time to visit it in person, do not despair, you can view its virtual version anytime and anywhere.


eSbí– cultural heritage on-line

eSbí is the presentation portal used for searching and browsing digitized collection items of museum type. The system was launched under the patronage of National Museum in 2010. eSbí is connected to the European portal of the similar name