To collection managers

Elementary rules for uploading items to eSbí portal

To start presenting at eSbí portal it is necessary to upload digital objects and descriptive data (metadata) to digitalized collection items into administration system. It is possible to import these records in several ways:
- inserting data one record at a time
- bulk import through CSV file
- providing data through OAI - PMH protocol (Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting)
The most used way to upload collection items into eSbí administration system is bulk import through CSV file.
Table for import is here for download.
Fill in the descriptive data into individual fields for each item separately.
Field categories are divided into mandatory and optional, where mandatory metadata belonging to presented collection items are marked by yellow colour in the import table.
In some categories, for example “material (dictionary)”, it is necessary to state values, that can be found in a dictionary, that can be downloaded here.
For better orientation you can use Table for import with labels, which can be downloaded here or look at the explanatory notes for each field in the import table here.
Authorized persons of National Museum can inform you, in case of interest, about other means of import.
Recommended formats of digital objects for collection items are as follows:
Photograph – min. size 100 kB, max. 600 kB, format JPEG
Adio record – min. size 10 000 kB, max. 15 000 kB, format MP3
Video record – min. size 10 000 kB, max. 15 000 kB, format flv
3D models – format 3D pdf
Detailed procedure for uploading collection items into administration system, their publishing to eSbí portal and other essentials of working with the system are described in a manual, which you will receive after completing the training.