About us

eSbí yesterday and today

eSbí were created as a project of Natinal Museum in 2010. They were created with a purpose to gather digital museum heritage of Czech institutions at one internet address. They’ve become national aggregator and an intermediary between Czech Republic and European network of databases of digitalized cultural heritage “Europeana”. For this web portal eSbí have realized two projects of digitalization of collective memory. 
Project “Europeana 1989”, which was created on the occasion of 25th anniversary of Velvet revolution in cooperation with Institute of Contemporary History and project “Europeana 1914-1918” commemorating 100 years from World War I. In 2013 the Europeana project was enriched by “Athena Plus” system, whose purpose was to ease the access to networks of cultural heritage, enrich metadata and improve search. Innovation was also focused on creative usage of content and adapting data to users with different needs through tools, that support development of virtual exhibitions, touristic and didactic applications.
In 2014 eSbí became a part of National Museum education project “Touch the 20th century!”, in which eSbí were engaged with the purpose of using online collections in History lessons.
Currently eSbí are a separate portal, designated for presenting and publishing digitalized collection content, that goes throughout topics of human knowledge and archiving.